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The longest playlist on Spotify? Part 2

Hello my lurking lurkers,

I’m not much of a fan of Taylor Swift. I don’t hate her, I’m just not into it. But as I was scrolling down the interwebs looking for the longest Spotify playlist ever, somehow I managed to stumble upon several articles about Taylor Swift pulling her music off Spotify. 594 more words


Friday Songs

2015 good or bad? Stupid question, because here it is now, as it is. On the plus side, you can put any search term in your Spotify and see and hear any tracks that mention the term in the title, album or artist. 469 more words


Consider it Covered: I

‘Consider it Covered’ is a new segment of my blog where I’ll be talking about cover songs that I’ve found that need to be shared. Hope you enjoy! 112 more words

Consider It Covered

Monthly Playlist: May

Since I was 16, I’ve been obsessively making playlists, starting on MiniDisc. Anyone remember SonicStage? God, that was awful. Anyway, we have Spotify now, and starting with May I’ll be sharing a monthly playlist of a couple of tracks I’ve been listening to – I make no apologies for anything, and this includes Cher Lloyd. 248 more words


What's On Scarlett O'Hara's Playlist?

It’s time for another literary character playlist using Spotify!

Today, let’s look at what everybody’s (least?) favorite fictional southern diva might listen to, were she alive today and actually real. 176 more words


Day 89: Do it to it.

I’m feeling motivated today. I woke up early, and went for a great swim. I was rocking out in the pool listening to one of the new playlists I found on Spotify. 18 more words

Miracle Morning

Virtually Music


Now that download sales have overtaken CD sales for the first time ever, what is the future for mass physical formats for music? Discounting vinyl (growing but still comparatively niche) and esoteric formats like cassettes (where in most instances a download code is supplied as well) will we see music being supplied in a physical format in 5 to 10 years’ time? 247 more words