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Music Streaming Services Like Spotify Now More Popular Than Video Sites

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The surge in popularity was largely driven by the availability of albums by Beyonce, Rihanna and Drake. Rihanna’s ‘Work’ is the most-streamed song of 2016 in the U.S, for example, while Drake’s Views is the most requested album, being streamed 1.5 billion times since its release in April. 516 more words


Desert Rock Playlist

Okay so this week I am stepping away from conventional genres, and addressing an unsung hero – Desert Rock. If you know anything about me, you know that I revel in counterculture. 701 more words


The Sound 1 - Themed Lyrics

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ~ Hans Christian Andersen

Words are important to me, they are meant to convey a message. One of the very reasons why I have a blog and a diary. 573 more words


Spotify Picks: July 2016

Here’s what I’ve been listening to this month!  Switchfoot and Relient K’s new albums are really good, just saying.


Tech Giants Boast an Edge in Music Streaming 

Because streaming music advances their other ambitions, Apple Music, Amazon, Alphabet’s Google and YouTube units, don’t need their services to be hugely profitable, though none of them are selling subscriptions at prices that suggest a willingness to lose money. 100 more words