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Spotlight On...Roseanna Vitro

I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Roseanna Vitro in person a couple of times, but I’ve been aware of her as a singer, writer, and teacher for a long time. 903 more words


Spotlight on: 5 Unique temples in Southeast Asia (+ tips for visiting)

Visiting temples was a new thing for me when I went to Southeast Asia, since we (obviously) do not have temples in The Netherlands. Once I had seen one in real life and saw how the locals were acting around it, I was curious about temples and buddhism (Please remember that when I say ‘temples’ I do not mean the old temple ruins, like Angkor Wat (Siem Reap, Cambodia) or My Son (Hoi An, Vietnam)). 1,121 more words


Spotlight on... 'The Fire Inside'

The Fire Inside

First published in 1996, The Fire Inside was a women’s prison zine created by the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP) – an organisation formed by incarcerated and recently liberated women – as an attempt to challenge the invisibility of women prisoners in California. 1,785 more words


Spotlight On... Spirulina

The shelves of health food stores are over populated with superfood powers at the moment and every week there’s a new one claiming to supercharge our health, but spirulina is one that seems to be standing the test of time. 852 more words


Apicola del Alba: Natural Cosmetics

If you have been reading my articles, then you may know that life can be hectic, stressful and tiring with two young children. For this reason I make sure that I have some time every day where I am completely alone – where no-one is rushing me, I can listen to my thoughts (which often tell me to write) and I can take care of me.   2,581 more words


Crushing On: July Beauty

Happy July! It’s usually either hot and humid or cold and rainy so we rely on beauty products to save us this month!

Fun Facts: July Is… 286 more words