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Spotlight On... The Inspector McLean Series

Some of you who have been subscribed to Sarah Withers Blogs for a while may remember last year I started what I hoped you be a semi regular post called Spotlight On… There were so many authors, books and series I loved but had read before I started my blog, I didn’t want to go back and review everything, I wouldn’t have time! 916 more words


Spotlight On... Failing As Humans

Oh, Heavy Metal. What has happened to you? How many more bands consisting of inarticulate gutteral growling to rapid fire snare will there be? If it’s not that, it’s effeminate whiny cunts who steal their little sister’s clothes… boring. 176 more words

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Spotlight On... The Unborn

The Unborn are a horror Streetpunk band from central Italy. The Apoi!calypse album is 4 solid tracks of hard hitting punk and Oi influenced jams. The guitar work is heavy on the crunch, harmonizing at the right moments, then breaking off into beefed up riffs. 162 more words

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Meet Ramonas: Shoes with an Edge

What is it about shoes? Such simple, necessary things that have the power to make our lives misery and to make an outfit complete? I´m a kiwi girl at heart, which means I have a thing for wearing jandals in all the wrong situations and a penchant for forgoing shoes all together, but even I will admit there is something about the creations of this Chilean small business that set my tootsies wriggling to get in to a pair. 1,599 more words


2017 Christmas Extravaganza featuring Laura Greaves

Romance and the rest
Author Laura Greaves reveals how she writes different books in different genres without going crazy.

I’ve just moved into a new house that’s three times the size of my last home. 757 more words

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Spotlight On... Tyrant

Tyrant is a band that caught my attention a few months back. I listened to the 3 tracks off of their self titled debut ep, and then lost track of them. 167 more words

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Spotlight on Beauty Sales

I don’t think sales on beauty are as rare as it may seem, so I wanted to talk about it.  Hopefully, if you are looking to save money this will help you find some avenues that would work for the beauty products that you like to purchase.  1,063 more words