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Spotlight On...Andrea Wolper

Vocalist Andrea Wolper is a fellow Brooklynite. We met through mutual singer friends a couple of years ago, and I was immediately drawn to her warmth and keen intelligence; she and I spent a lovely afternoon last spring walking and talking in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. 929 more words


Pajarito de Mimbre: Children´s Books & Toys with a Heart

¨They say that pudus do not know how to ride a bike. But this tiny Pudu went far, very far. This is his story …¨ 701 more words


Spotlight On... Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have soared in popularity over the past few years, becoming a more favorable source of carbohydrates thanks to their low score on the glycemic index and array of benefits. 534 more words


Q&A with Tamara McKinley

Q&A with Tamara McKinley

Describe Spindrift in one word:

Spindrift tells the story of the courageous Christy Macleod who moves to distant Tasmania from the Isle of Skye when tragedy strikes. 541 more words

Spotlight On...

Spotlight On...Lewis Brown Photography

This month’s spotlight post will be showcasing Lewis Brown Photography!

Lewis Brown is the recommended photographer at Merley House and looking at the photos you can see why! 477 more words

Spotlight On...

Spotlight on...PESTO

Ah pesto, a substance so deliciously rich and tasty there is nothing it doesn’t go with (try dipping your toast in it – go on I dare you!). 555 more words

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Jimbo´s Australian Pie Shop in Santiago

Ask any self-respecting Antipodean what they miss from their home turf, and chances are high that the humble pie will feature on that list.

This hand-sized piece of goodness has been described as Australia´s national dish and is considered to be part of New Zealand´s national identity.   742 more words