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Recipe of the Week: School Dinner Coconut Sponge Pudding

In a celebration of carefree school days, here is an absolutely gorgeous recipe for Coconut Sponge Pudding – it’s super-easy to make too!

‘School Dinner’ Coconut Sponge Pudding…

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School Puddings

A recent Facebook post regarding school puddings evoked a huge outpouring of nostalgia.

It would appear that, with the exception of sago or ‘frogspawn’, we Brits have a real affection for our fondly-remembered school puds.
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Spotted Dick

Despite that hilarious joke in King Ralph, this English dessert is not made of penises. It is made of suet, which is a thing I thought only birds ate, and raisins, which is a thing that people eat but they shouldn’t. 10 more words


Spotted Dick Revisited

I don’t know about you, but I think the title of this post could be a really awesome name for an 80’s big-hair coverband.

Anyway…the suet finally arrived. 529 more words

Jane Austen

Coming Soon - Spotted Dick

I hope Martha had a pleasant visit again, and that you and my mother could eat your beef-pudding. ~ Jane Austen, March 2, 1814

Puddings, in British parlance, are both a specific type of dish made by wrapping the ingredients in linen or placing them in a pan and boiling until baked (cooked, steamed – what’s the right language for a cake you boil??), but the term also refers more generally to the dessert course of a meal. 336 more words

Jane Austen

Woman Denounces Vegetarian Lifestyle After Learning Cheeseburgers Contain Meat

A Sydney woman who has described herself to anyone who will listen as “a devout vegetarian” for the past 20 years has had to renounce her dietary beliefs after discovering she had been inadvertently eating meat the whole time. 93 more words


Olde English Spotted Dick

Spotted Dick is an amusing name for a delicious suet-based fruit pudding that is best serve with custard!


40z fresh white breadcrumbs

3oz shredded vegetable suet… 118 more words