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Just Desserts

It may not be enough to entice you away from the Trumbull Mall, Stamford Mall or Amazon Mall.

But between now and New Year’s Eve, the Spotted Horse is offering a free dessert (1 per table) to anyone showing a receipt from a Westport store. 17 more words


Private Lot! Keep Out!

Sure, 36 Church Lane is a private building — with a private parking lot.

But the owners — who have posted several stern signs, warning that anyone parking there for the (Spotted Horse) restaurant next door will be towed — might take a lesson from… 56 more words


Moving Stories

The proposal to move the Gunn House — the Queen Anne building facing Church Lane — a few yards across Elm Street, to the Baldwin parking lot, has generated lots of comments on “06880.” 335 more words

Looking Back

Big Plans For A Little Downtown

Here are some new renderings of Bedford Square — the retail/restaurant/ residential complex planned for the Church Lane area, once the Westport Y departs for Mahackeno. 140 more words


Times Touts Tavern

Tomorrow’s New York Times contains a review of the Spotted Horse Tavern. Patricia Brooks likes it as much as the hordes of Westporters who have flocked there since it opened in March. 305 more words


As Westporters Have Said For Many Years...

You know spring is here
When the Spotted Horse outdoor tables appear.


Spotted Horse Gallops Into Town

Downtown Westport rocked tonight like it hasn’t in years.

An opening-night party for the Spotted Horse — the new restaurant in the 210-year-old Sherwood House on Church Lane — drew a wall-to-wall, out-the-door crowd. 170 more words