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The Slip

One of the many issues we have right now is that my wife and I have not “come out” to everyone yet. Her job is not really an inclusive place, and my family is, let’s say, less than receptive. 517 more words

LBGT Spouse

Freestyle Friday: Your partner/spouse has been unfaithful, now what?

You just realized that your spouse has been unfaithful and cheated on you. The news of the infidelity has hit you like a ton of bricks. 508 more words


Surround Yourself 

“A lot has happened in the past year of my life.”

-Every Person Alive

A favorite quote of mine. I can’t cite the specific source because I read everyone’s mind and it came from there. 741 more words

Communication in Marriage: 4 Super Lessons in a Surprising Way

Good communication is a vital part of building and sustaining a healthy marital relationship. A breakdown in communication between you and your spouse could result in a complete breakdown of the entire relationship. 797 more words


The Malaise of Marital Rape

Marital rape, which is also known as spousal rape or rape in marriage refers to non-consensual sex where it is the spouse who forces sex upon the partner, usually the woman. 875 more words

Pride in Marriage: Let's Put A Pin In It!

In marriage, it’s so important that our “ego” is left out. Pride and ego can be the death of a potentially great marriage.

This week I was pondering the COST of “needing to be right.” 689 more words