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Sleepless in Bodfari

I don’t think I’ve slept past 5am for at least a couple of months, and most mornings I am awake around 4 or earlier. It is unusual for me to manage to get back to sleep once I have woken up, although… 223 more words

Alistair Begg's List for a Godly Spouse

Here are two lists of qualities that singles should seek in a potential mate — a list for women and a list for men. Each is a summary of the main points made by the Rev. 94 more words

This could REALLY help your marriage.. And every other relationship in your life

At 8:00 p.m. last Friday,
my 2nd-cousin Andrew (red-hair.)
tells me to call him.
They have this amazing hotel in Hermann, MO
that they re-did and it’s all historical… 3,081 more words


Of course there has been a great deal written on analysis of dreams and their links with the subconscious. Being me, I have always tended to ignore all of that as psychowash. 216 more words

Micro Management

Micro Management is all about getting to desks and seeing who is doing what and ensuring work gets completed in time.

John is an excellent micro manager and he keeps a close tab on day-to-day happening in the company. 236 more words

How to Be a Puritan Husband- Douglas Wilson | Desiring God

Here is an excerpt:

Over the course of my ministry, one of the things I have sought to emphasize is the need to embrace “reforming marriage.” Another time in the history of the church when this same emphasis arose was in the great Puritan movement of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. 193 more words

The Exchange


I have already posted about red tape. Annoying. But today the beast of bureaucracy reared its ugly head again.

On the same day I got two letters from Denbighshire officials. 227 more words