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blind in love but not in relationship

I think it is OK to be blindly fall in love, it also reflect individuals tolerance to what might come of what was never deliberately shown or kept hidden by seeker(who attempted the first approach). 201 more words


2016 K1 Fiance or CR1 Spouse Visa which is better?

#VisaCoach Video on which is better in 2016, #K1fiancevisa or #CR1spousevisa

When bringing your partner to live with you in the United States, you have two choices and they both include marriage. 111 more words

Watering Whole

We water your spouse’s weaknesses with the attention we pay to them. Attention, (and watering), is better spent on how we might be more compassionate and understanding, pouring into their lives the love and encouragement we all need – allowing them to grow, (and outgrow), whatever weaknesses our spouse may possess, be they assumed or assigned.  10 more words

Colors of Skyrim

No doubt about it, Skyrim is a very beautiful place, thanks to the creative game designers and players that improved upon it with their mods. No matter where you look there are vibrant colors that make you stop and smell the mountain flowers.  37 more words

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Is Your Unhappy Feeling Hurting Your Attractive Spouse?

In the last few days, I recognized that I have not been on top of my feelings as I should be. I wouldn’t say I suffered a mild depression – no, not in the real sense of it. 1,179 more words


The Traumatic Changes to One's Life that are the Result of Getting Married.

No one ever warned me of all the changes that take place when one gets married. Just when you think you have it all figured out, along comes a wife who takes your neatly organized bucket of life, and dumps it all over the floor. 842 more words

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