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The Union

Unions caught my husband above
The fray where
I was the undercurrent
For his staying.
They held my life above
the ground and
Settled us with a… 10 more words

So that's why

I had a thought last night as Spouse and I had yet another conversation about and with Big Man on homework, grades, accountability, and attitude…..I now get why people who’ve been married, and happily so, for a very long time, can completely derail when their kids are teenagers. 392 more words


Thank You for the Invitation

An off-roading adventure this past Sunday made me reflect on all the invitations that my husband, Brandon, has sent my way. If you would’ve asked me if I ever would have allowed myself to go along on a ride on an unsteady “road” where one or more tires would not have contact with the ground below me at one point or another, I would’ve told you without pause, a hearty “No!”. 805 more words

Each other's gift

My spouse is my gift;
I am my spouse’s gift;
We are each other’s gift.

Because of my spouse,
Life’s better for me;
Because of me, 22 more words


Wednesday Fight Night

So I feel like I just can’t talk to my husband on Wednesday nights. I blogged last week about my frustrations in my post Tired Husband… 189 more words

Intimacy - His Precious Marbles

I have just finished reading the most lovely book called The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern.  It is such a lovely story and such a lovely read.   604 more words



Are you satisfied with show of love from your partner? Mine is….he is….vey kind. he could do more say something to me, compared to other men I know, he still can talk to me directly and show his love to me. 274 more words