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The Truth About Marriage

Today, Mr. V and I celebrate four years as husband and wife. We sat in bed last night chatting about how fast these years have gone by and reminiscing about all the memories we’ve made together.  202 more words


Does Marriage Get Better? Is It Worth It?

Recently a young friend, a fairly new friend, stood within the circle as four of us discussed the hurdles and highpoints of marriage. All of us, except for Ellie, are married to Army officers and were looking forward to a brief season of reprieve as scheduled leave drew near. 149 more words


Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas

Making time for date night when you have kids is TOUGH, am I right? My husband and I can particularly attest to this fact since we already have a small budget and have been attempting to build a family through the foster care system as well. 1,109 more words

Saving Money

It's not LUST if You're Married

One of the things I know having been a wife, is that when I would think of making love sessions, my thoughts went to my husband. 106 more words

Dana On Love

Tapped Out

As a spouse of someone dealing with chronic pain there are two words that come up repeatedly  Tapped Out.  Tapped out of resources to deal with my husbands pain, to deal with my own feelings and emotions about his pain, struggling through his flare ups and struggling with the feeling of loneliness within this relationship due to his pain.  539 more words

Chronic Pain

You Won’t Marry the Wrong Person

Today’s blog comes from Family Institute adjunct faculty member, Sam R. Hamburg. As the author of Will Our Love Last? and The Newlyweds Book, he shares his… 1,551 more words


List of countries where more than HALF of men and women are unfaithful to their spouses

When it comes to infidelity it is widely believes that men are more likely to stray than their female counterparts, but according to a new video, there are numerous countries around the world where women prove to be the more unfaithful sex. 693 more words

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