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Your are the best spouse if you could clear out the slightest pessimism of your partner


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‚ÄčNot all Love ends in Marriage.

Not all Love remains after Marriage.

So he /she who Loved & Married and is in Love after years of Marriage is definitely a very lucky person. 16 more words

Loving My ADD Husband

My husband was diagnosed with ADD as a child.

As a result, he found it difficult to focus in a traditional school setting. The decision was made to homeschool him. 710 more words


“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.

If you are unhappy in your marriage, search for this truth; Is your spouse still your best friend? 120 more words

Marriage & Relationship

A Thank You Letter To My Spouse

I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself, especially in relationships. I don’t know what it is, it’s almost as if I just assume you already know everything. 496 more words

My Vows to You

We have taken divergent paths to this day, this moment. Along the way the people we have encountered, the experiences we have lived have shaped the very essence of who we are. 273 more words


Husbands cannot find their own things anymore

I’ve come to realize that my husband’s new hobby is to ask me where his stuff is. This includes his wallet, mobile phone…

Basically everything that I may not have touched or seen in the last 7 days. 127 more words