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You Are Not a Good Listener.

You’re not a good listener. You’re just not. 

If you thought “You’re right. I try, but I have a long way to go,” you are probably right. 1,657 more words


Have you ever thought about who you’ll spend the rest of your adult life with? Ever thought about THE ONE? – Your soul mate – Your Mr. 1,658 more words

A Marital advice.

A good spouse is the one who praises you in front of everyone, but the best one praises your absence as well!
A knock at my cabin door got my attention that day. 276 more words


Seeing the Unseen

I am a movie credit reader.  When the movie is over, I remain seated in the theatre.  Most people will jump up and exit out the door as soon as the credits start to roll.   374 more words


How To Deal With The Toughest Questions About Money

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Nurturing an honest and educational discussion about money is highly encouraged. It is helpful to share personal saving tips and ways to cushion the challenging economy. 639 more words

Money Matters


What is a home? Where is a home?……

I was just scrolling through facebook, mindlessly. That is when I came across a very nostalgic video. It just broke the dam that was holding my emotional tears safely. 708 more words


Book after Book

I love to read, but last year I just couldn’t read. I was so nauseous for the first few months and would get worse when I tried to read. 257 more words