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Messy from the start

I suppose we need to start from the beginning. I will warn you, it will take me about a week to get the entire story out a little at a time. 1,078 more words

To My Future Spouse

I was talking with my friend a few weeks ago about relationships. I’ve been happily married for six years now, but my friend is single. We get into the pretty usual conversation, you know talking about how I knew my husband was the man for me. 377 more words


Aloha people!
How’s y’all doing today? It’s Lovers’ day on Sunday yo and I’m guessing ’em ladies have caught the boo. Yeah, so while lovers are busy doing their lovey-dovey thang, you may want to know what Aidee would be doing on that day. 724 more words


To Arthur #3 (Poetry Countdown To Valentine’s Day)

(#3) Husband

The world associates,

Crushes with floating,

Lovers with leaving;

But a spouse is for holding,

And I like holding you,

My husband;

So hug me like a person,

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Friday’s Focus—Valentine's Day 365

Over the course of the past week, I kept hearing about “the holiday weekend.” What holiday weekend? I thought to myself every time. Presidents day? Well, yes on Monday….Superbowl’s over….Then I’d think of the date and remember, oh yeah. 518 more words


Today I responded to my husbands text message

My phone buzzed with a new message. I picked it up, ” I love my beautiful baby” it read. I smiled and wrote back ” I love when you call me beautiful.” Then after a minute of thinking about this incrediably sweet message. 364 more words