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The catastrophe of a devouring oedipal mother

An is = so she creates a .
Who only receives from and then and then plays touch and go with this firey one-directional intrusive force. 1,278 more words


Relieve Financial Pressure In Your Marriage…Even IF Your Spouse Isn’t On-Board!

Every month, your LACK of money sits there and stares you in the face. The bills… The student loans… The credit cards… No matter how much money you make, it’s [ ]

Why your relationship with God looks different than your spouse's

Your relationship with God will look different than your spouse’s.

Based on your own individual life experiences, upbringing, and beliefs, your spouse and you will probably have different walks with God. 700 more words


Can you change your partners habits ? Prior to trying, ask yourself why you’d like them to change

You realize your partner isn’t flawless, and you would like to change several things about them. You may believe you’re just the right influence to

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Episode 19 - Long Distance Relationships & Forgiveness

How do you make long distance relationships work? Can they work? What are the different processes of forgiveness between men and women? What’s healthy and productive? 30 more words


Day 5 Spouse Challenge: A Christian's view 

Understanding a love language.

Love❤️ has a expression preference for every individual. You don’t have to like his/her love language, understanding it,Maing an effort towards it will go a long way to bring you marital bliss. 119 more words