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Today's unforeseen visit to Accident & Emergency

Today I did something extremely stupid – I slipped as I was leaving the supermarket.  Not just a little trip whereby I could recover a bit of my dignity, but a full on collapse into a messy heap just by the exit with full viewing potential. 351 more words

The Magic of Kinesio Tape ®

In the past ten years more and more people have been noticing Olympic, professional, and amateur athletes as well as coworkers in the office with colorful strips of tape all over their bodies. 557 more words

Onion River Chiropractic

Oh, That is NOT A Good Sound

It wasn’t my fault.

I fell asleep. Well, that was my fault. But it was late. We got to the hospital about 11:00. My lovely wife was being seen for stomach pains. 683 more words

Professional Development

Ankle Sprains - Putting your Best Foot Forward

Musts following any ankle sprain.

Ankle sprains are very common among young and old  alike.  There are many different types and vary depending on the type and severity of the mechanism of injury. 331 more words


21K Venus Drive to Mandai Hike

Just as I was writing about the old right ankle injury a couple of weeks back, it came back to haunt me today. Timing could not have been more perfect at the 20.5km mark! 82 more words

The Hand of The Prophet

Communication is the primary force behind all movements of our modern life. Whether it’s to call your grandmother and wish her a happy birthday, or to confirm coordinates for a bombing run, communication is at the forefront of every development of our history. 632 more words


Sprain Pain!

So this morning I cleverly managed to sprain my ankle falling down the stairs.  I can’t even remember when I last sprained my ankle it was that long ago but damn does it hurt!  35 more words