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Does back pain mean a disc?

Does back pain mean a disc?

Does sciatica, pain down the sciatic nerve, all the way down the leg, mean a lumbar disc is out of position and you need back surgery? 670 more words

Rural Doctor

I Was Not Expecting To Leave With a Cast

Yesterday I was reeling. I kept going back and forth whether to write a blog post or not. I was angry, sad, discouraged, and embarrassed. I wanted to throw the towel in. 633 more words

Urgent Care on 4 Ways to Know if You Have a Sprain

You may think getting a sprain would be fairly obvious, but you would be surprised to know that not everyone realizes when they have one. That’s because while a sprain may cause discomfort, it doesn’t stop us from our daily lives. 99 more words


I took an unannounced hiatus for a couple of weeks. I spent some time volunteering for my main man, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the time I spent royally fucking myself up. 693 more words


Contest winner!! 

Hi guys! So sorry it’s been like two weeks since the contest, and I said I’d announce the winner in one week. My apologies. :( 139 more words


frozen (out)

went for a hike with a friend on Friday on a nearby trail. it was her first time on it. as the day went on, she kept getting better and better. 1,262 more words


The sprain and the push

So it was Friday and yet I didn’t have a post ready, an entire week passed by with many thoughts popping up in my head. 646 more words