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the struggle is real

Injuries can be very frustrating.  Whenever I feel the first bit of pain, I tell myself I need to just run through it…it will pass.  When it does not pass, I tell myself…you just need to stretch better.   519 more words


Sprained Ankle + Fulbright Friend Will Visit!

So in case you don’t follow my SNS (instagram or facebook), my ankle is sprained. I think I mentioned how my foot was hurting or bruised up from Jeju Conference (Monkey Beach…enough said). 784 more words

The Grant Year

10 Things I've Learned Being On Crutches

One day soon I will sit down and write about the little accident I had last week that has caused me to start using crutches. Hoping it’s just temporary. 127 more words


Cheerleading: Common Injuries and Prevention

By: Jessica Eisenberg DPT, MS, ATC

Gone are the days of cheerleaders just waving pom-poms, doing kicks in the air, and only standing on the sideline at games. 855 more words

CHKD Sports Medicine

Independence/ kakak's jumpstreet incident. 

Since I am the youngest in the family, other than the cats. I am the least independent. I can’t cook, I can’t even keep my room clean, I can’t be in the house alone without leaving all the lights on and TV on, I can’t even drive alone. 423 more words


Day Forty-Four

So here’s how the water tower that I run past looks now.

And here’s how it used to look. There’s no tram nowadays!

I felt good on the run today. 156 more words


Treating strain and sprain injuries


An injury to the ligament, the fibrous connective tissue attaching bones to bones, is known as a sprain. These ligaments serve as stabilizers for the joints, and facilitate or restrict the movement of the joint. 289 more words