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Out of Order

was going to write a humorous step by step report of cooking with one hand. Found out that not only is cooking difficult, so is typing. 59 more words

By Day 3 - Recovery Process

My mornings are horrible… agony is the right word. I manage to go through the evening in relative ease – very cautious, but a well-established mobility, but the mornings, ugh! 474 more words



My foot isn’t getting better. It’s actually getting worse. I need to write about it because I need to get it out. It’s having such a full-on effect on my entire life so many intensely negative ways, and I just want it to be over. 126 more words

Poor Me

What Spraining My Ankle Taught Me About Comparison

This past weekend, I did something silly. I tried showing off.

Now you might be thinking, “What’s silly about that? Tons of people do it.” Certainly this is true, especially in this age of social media. 493 more words

And Now For Something Random


Kicked ass today out on the trail. This was my first run after nursing my sprained ankle the last two weeks, and I totally nailed it! 41 more words

"Just a Sprain"

I am continually astonished by the number of patients that come to see me a month or later after they thought they ‘sprained’ their finger. Their finger is painful, swollen, and doesn’t bend. 22 more words


#4 Pain

Pain was the sprain while torture was an inability to turn to look at the girls in the hospital.

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