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Today is June 23, that afternoon I was going to giving the dogs water in their yard.  The redneck fencing is still up.  It has tables and lattice’s.  467 more words


Pride does not come before a fall...or after it

Remember my last post where I warbled on about being the new girl and trying to fit in without making a complete and utter arse of myself? 823 more words


Does back pain mean a disc?

Does back pain mean a disc?

Does sciatica, pain down the sciatic nerve, all the way down the leg, mean a lumbar disc is out of position and you need back surgery? 670 more words

Rural Doctor

I Was Not Expecting To Leave With a Cast

Yesterday I was reeling. I kept going back and forth whether to write a blog post or not. I was angry, sad, discouraged, and embarrassed. I wanted to throw the towel in. 633 more words

Urgent Care on 4 Ways to Know if You Have a Sprain

You may think getting a sprain would be fairly obvious, but you would be surprised to know that not everyone realizes when they have one. That’s because while a sprain may cause discomfort, it doesn’t stop us from our daily lives. 99 more words


I took an unannounced hiatus for a couple of weeks. I spent some time volunteering for my main man, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the time I spent royally fucking myself up. 693 more words


Contest winner!! 

Hi guys! So sorry it’s been like two weeks since the contest, and I said I’d announce the winner in one week. My apologies. :( 139 more words