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What's Going on...

What’s going on at your house today?

Right now, I’m listening to my 9-month-old grandson fuss (mumm, mumm, waaah…) – he’s probably waiting for his momma to get him a bottle.  326 more words


Ankle Sprains and Instability

Ankle sprains frequently occur in sport, but also may result from a simple trip down an un-seen curb.

The word sprain is used to describe a rapid over-stretching of a ligament or ligaments. 429 more words

Not Coping

To be honest with you all, I’m not coping at the moment. My ankle injury is ruling my life. I know that sounds really dramatic but it really feels like it is. 320 more words


Fuck you Ankle

I am (was) an avid gym goer. Since quitting swimming in November last year I stumbled upon the relm of fitness videos on youtube, in particular some amazing youtubers Natacha Oceane and Megsquats that brought me to the gym. 768 more words


My Poor Wife Fractured Her Ankle!

My wife Sharaya, achieved a milestone of sorts in life this week….. A fractured Ankle. It took her almost 28 years to get her very first broken bone! 378 more words


Little Wins

This week has not been without disaster; I recovered from my cold and seemingly immediately sprained my ankle, I burned myself on the oven to avoid dropping a tray, I was too late to get Unknown Mortal Orchestra tickets, the sprained ankle has in turn caused my hip to play up, I’ve had a new starter in my team at work for whom nothing was ready for (but was nothing to do with me), I got sunburned THROUGH TIGHTS and I’ve managed to massage a bruise of gargantuan proportion into the back of my own leg. 385 more words


You Zigged But Your Knee Zagged: How to Treat Mild Sprains and Strains

If playing sports will be part of your spring – whether on a team, tennis court or tossing a Frisbee around the local park – sprains and strains can result. 412 more words

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