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South China Sea: China Is Building on the Paracels As Well.

It’s not just the Spratlys, China is constructing military facilities on the Paracel Islands too.

As Vietnam’s Communist Party Chief Nguyen Phu Trong met with China’s President Xi Jinping… 135 more words


Groundless as Poured Concrete

“Groundless” my high-fructose-laden rear end.


The natural progression continues. People seem so surprised.  (Imagine how surprised they’ll be when military forces start moving through there.)


Pristine Coral Reefs Destroyed by 'Great Wall of Sand'

China is creating a ‘great wall of sand’ in the South China Sea, according to the Daily Mail.

The latest huge land mass is four square kilometres in size and was created by dumping sand on live coral reefs, damaging local ecosystems. 384 more words


Islands Grow and Dollars Shirk

So much going on in the world today, isn’t there?

This specific topic of three catching my interest today: China is ambitious. Hardly new information, there, but the particular way China is ambitious lately is geopolitically important. 334 more words


South China Sea: Vietnam has found plenty of ways to defy China; Now there's a new one

By Lien Hoang

Watches made by Switzerland’s Candino proclaim that the Paracel and Spratly islands belong to Vietnam, though China claims them, too. VOA photo… 645 more words

Chinese Complain U.S. Freedom of Navigation Operations "Unlawful" Challenge to China's Maritime Security

The USS Ronald Reagan’s carrier strike group patrol the Indian Ocean in 2011. (Photo courtesy of the US Navy)

The United States’ freedom of navigation operations pose a risk to the maritime claims of 19 nations in different regions of the world including China, Taiwan, the Philippine and South Korea according to China’s state-run nationalist tabloid Global Times. 437 more words

China's South China Sea "Enlargement" -- Subi Reef is now twice the size of Taiping Island

Extensive land reclamation efforts by China have made Subi Reef, a Chinese-controlled reef located 26 km southwest of Philippine-controlled Thitu Island, twice as big as Taiping Island, also known as Itu Aba, the largest natural island of the disputed Spratly Island group, currently controlled by Taiwan, according to satellite images cited by New Outlook, a Shanghai-based website run by the Guancha Syndicate. 276 more words