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Spray Paint Practice

Practicing more in this style. Here are two of the several that I’ve done this week. Skulls have my attention at the moment.

The second one I did on the reverse(matte) side of the poster board, so I couldn’t really scrape the paint off of the paper with the paint knife. 28 more words

Spray Paint

Spray Paint Experiment

I recently watched a few videos of people painting planets and night scenes with spray paint. They would put the color on in layers, put black over the top and use different tools to take varying amounts of paint off of the artwork. 173 more words

Spray Paint

A spray painted bathroom faucet

This post has been quite a while in the making! I’ve been thinking about painting my bathroom sink faucet for some time. I’ve seen many bloggers do it, and really liked the results. 233 more words

Spray Paint


It’s supposed to be 61 degrees tomorrow! And I have the day off from work. I’m hoping to get some spray painting done : )

Spray Paint

Spring spray paint projects

Winter continues… and my spray paint projects are piling up. Can’t spray paint in below zero temps!

When spring finally comes, I want to tackle these spray paint projects: 54 more words

Spray Paint

Krylon MAXX?

I was in Walmart yesterday. I was NOT shopping for paint. Really. But as I passed the paint aisle to get to the light bulbs, I saw these: 29 more words

Spray Paint

Spray paint accident; new centerpiece created

When I painted the frames in the corner of my living room gold, I did in my garage and some leaves had blown in. I accidentally spray painted a couple… and I loved the look! 108 more words

Spray Paint