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Washing your Competition Bikini!

So you see all the glamor on the stage – the make up, the hair, the tan, the bikini, the heels, allllll the women so so beautiful! 408 more words

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Self Tan... Yay or Nay?

Hi, ladies!

We’ve all heard how horrible the sun is for our skin. It’s dangerous and it accelerates the aging process. I can’t believe that people still lay in tanning beds or in the sun and scorch their bodies to get a tan! 241 more words


Summer Blues.....

So summer should be here and in full flow, but as we live in lovely England, we know the weather is always unpredictable, so here are some fun ideas on how to get yourself into the summer spirit even if we are missing the weather… 481 more words



Regardless of how hard we attempt, it appears that we generally keep running into that season of year when you come up short on warm sunny climate making it almost inconceivable here in Utah to keep up your late spring tan or even help you enhance that dim rich shading you strive to get. 285 more words


St. Ives Apricot Scrub: The Perfect Spray Tan Prep

I’m constantly going through body scrubs in the summer to prep for a spray tan. Since I go through quite a bit of it, there are a few requirements for a good scrub. 133 more words

BE Easy On Yourself

I have definitely had a week in which I just feel blah.

It has been terribly busy at work, my hair appointment was postponed for two weeks, I’m fairly certain I’ve put on a few pounds and my son is having a sleepover with four nine-year old boys on Saturday. 242 more words

5 Reasons You Must Make use of After Tan Moisturizer

Among the best inside tanning pointers that I can offer to achieve a decent tan is to make utilization of an after tan cream. I have really as of late cherished these things. 514 more words