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Two shimmery body oils every girl needs to own

Shimmery body oil has grown up and proven itself worth considering. Today I’m going to share two of my favourites with you: Nars Body Glow, and The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. 310 more words


Can I get a spray tan before my holidays?

It’s summer time (well maybe not here in Ireland), everyone is taking to the skies for that well needed holiday and this is a question that I am being asked a lot at the moment. 467 more words


Visit Tanning Studio For Getting Customized Tanning Services

Are you searching for the best tanning service? Well, then all you are required to do is to visit your nearest tanning studio and check out their exclusive services without wasting any more time. 329 more words

Airbrush Tanning

Tanning Traumas

Its officially summer, so everyone is aiming for that perfect tan. But what’s the best way to achieve that? Here are some of my experiences with tanning and/or burning to help you decide. 404 more words

Beginners Guide to Lash Extensions

I am sure you all have heard (or already have) LASH EXTENSIONS! I am a busy person, and we all know that being busy, and looking your best all the time is not the easiest thing to accomplish. 682 more words


Woowee!  My skin burns like an ant under a magnifying glass on the blacktop in August!  I am pale and I live near the beach, so that’s no fun.   131 more words

I Can Explain...

I know. I know. I’ve been absent and you’re wondering why. I can explain. I’d love to tell you I’ve done something soulful like walked the Camino Trail or finally got laser treatment to remove those pesky chin hairs but we both know that’s a lie. 1,284 more words