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First Spray Tan Jitters

So you want to get a spray tan but have no clue what to expect? Rest assured I totally get it! My first spray tan I had no idea what to expect. 212 more words


Shaving Post Spray Tan

Even though I would HIGHLY recommend shaving as little as possible post spray tan I also know that sometimes you GOTTA! So here’s some tips to help you extend your tan and still getting those pesky leg hairs😉. 178 more words


Prepping for your spray tan

How important is it to prep correctly before your tan? CRUCIAL! All the bad things that you hear about spray tans can be avoided with the right prep. 156 more words


Making the most of your spray tan 

There are so many myths about spray tans and most of them are caused by poor prep or poor after care. If you prep correctly and take care of your tan with lots of lotion and water intake most tans fade away with no blotchy patches. 155 more words


Top Tips For Getting a Bridal Airbrush Tan For Your Wedding

Airbrush tans are a popular and affordable way to achieve the glowing look of a sun without exposing yourself to UV light or messing around with various creams and lotions which often result in splotchy—if any—results. 76 more words

Airbrush Tan

Get Spray Tanning Services at Your Home

Gone are the days when fair skin was desired by women and dark skin was considered unsightly, these days women look to tan their skin in order to look more attractive and appealing. 426 more words

Spray Tan

Why spray tan?

 Spray tans haven’t gotten the best rap in the past but they’re becoming more and more popular because of all the benefits and also because we’re all a lot more informed about the harms of the harsh sunlight. 114 more words