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Double Dipping-#TechniqueTuesday

We all have clients who are never bronze enough. Or who have skin that doesn’t hold a tan as long as it “should” .

For these clients, I suggest a double dip- two tanning sessions within 48 hours of one another. 246 more words

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Who runs the sunless industry?

In our every day life, we know that large companies like Nestle and Johnson&Johnson are parent companies for several brands.  We also appreciate small batch brands who aren’t mass produced and come from small businesses- like most of us are. 196 more words

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I am over underwear tan line pictures..

I get it- there is an immediate effect that shows well in pictures, but it’s akin to showing someone with shampoo in their hair as an after. 210 more words

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Private Labeling

The idea of private labeling solution and retail products is exciting and sometimes even more cost-effective for many of us. It helps us build our brands and our businesses. 365 more words

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Buzzy Buzzwords...do you know what you're advertising to clients?


I have repeatedly gone to bat against calling spray tans “organic” and I am constantly explaining to my clients why they aren’t and why I think it says a lot about a salon or person offering tans they call organic. 868 more words

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On Getting Scammed...

Trust Your Gut.

We have all made mistakes in our lives where we buy something or do something or date someone despite our gut saying “THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE! 1,552 more words

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Changing the narrative...



We don’t want to admit it, but it’s (mostly) men who either are traditional tanning bed salon owners who got a clue and added sunless, sales reps who don’t know how to spray tan or spray tanned once or twice but love to hear their own voice, advertisers who have no idea what they are marketing, and female and male reps who are unnecessarily aggressive about the brand they rep with the biggest voices and influence on the outward aesthetic of our industry. 642 more words

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