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Line X Spray For Amazing Strength


 LINE X is Spray or coating which is shortly abbreviated for sprayed on lining, is any form of coating that is sprayed on with a twig gun as contrary to being rolled on or applied by another method. 563 more words

Axe Body Spray Attraction

Axe body spray actually DOES make you more attractive to women??!!

According to a new study by the University of Stirling in England, Axe body spray actually DOES make less attractive men more appealing to women. 33 more words


Snaps: Pilsen Busking Fest 2016, Part 6

This is our world

We paint it

No brushes but decadent colors

all we need is a can


Wuppertal: An Angry Dude

This dude is angry, obviously. He’s also modern (see the blue plug in his ear). On the other hand, he wears his cap backwards, which is really more a Bart Simpson era thing to do, isn’t it?   13 more words


Make that face last 

If you are human and sweat, then you know how hard it is to keep your makeup on all day. Here are a few of my die hard products for making it last all day every day!! 187 more words


Skunk Lock Sprays Bike Thieves With A Stench That Makes Them Puke

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Anyone who has had their bike stolen will tell you it stinks. Now there’s a chance for a little payback. 189 more words