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Kylie Jenner Tweets About Chemtrails

Andrew Pontbriand
May 26, 2015

People are starting to look up in our skies and ask,  “what are they spraying?” And that question is not limited to the average person.  67 more words

On the Etiquette of Crop Sprayers and other Countryside Users

Usually, when I walk the dog over the fields and I see some agricultural work going on, be it sowing, ploughing or spraying, I will chose an alternative, rougher route through the flood meadows along the river’s edge. 495 more words


Colombia gov't confirms suspension of aerial coca spraying - Reuters

More news on the glyphosate front as more and more people wake up to the toxicity of glyphosate based herbicides. May the trend continue until it is hopefully banned altogether. 93 more words


Pandora’s Blues

Bugs has started spraying.

Maybe “started” isn’t quite right. Maybe he’s been leading up to it for longer than I realized, as for some time I have seen him “vertical”-peeing and straining in the box. 820 more words

This is monoculture ...

This is monoculture. Rows and rows recently planted potatoes.
No grass, no flowers, no trees.
And no birds, hares, pheasants, nor frogs.

Beware the ‘vermin’ that dares to settle! 27 more words

In Our Garden

The Carcinogenity of Glyphosate ... from the Lancet Oncology

It was announced recently, that WHO has concluded that glyphosate ‘probably causes cancer’ …. they have classed it 2A. It is surely well past the time for NZ authorities to reconsider its approval of this widely used herbicide. 193 more words


Endless Mossie Spraying across communities in Australia

In the area I live in there are a trillion mosquitoes that also live here.

They love it here – there are swamps and bush and everything you would want if you were a mossie. 647 more words