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To Stay Healthy On Your Next Flight, Avoid Aisles and Stay Put

(Source: www.wired.com)

If you want to avoid getting sick on a plane, the worst place to sit, according to Charles Gerba, is along the aisle. 1,381 more words


My Week, Mar 19 - 25

Last week finished off quite busy actually.

I didn’t fill the weekend in but on Saturday I got a new bed, and Sunday I went to get my niece and did some shopping in Auburn Hills and got new pants! 130 more words


Mercury Retrograde Season is here!

It will soon be descending upon us. Mercury Retrograde can strike fear into many and leave most battered and bruised after it has gone. However, some of us aren’t even sure what the retrograde means and what to do to combat it. 488 more words


11 of the poshest hotel bathtubs in Singapore

(Source: www.timeout.com)

When comparing washing habits to food, you could say that a shower is tuna mayo spread and a bath is Michelin-starred bluefin tuna sashimi. 63 more words


Teleman, the unorthodox hero

“Faster than a bullet! Can jump over whole buidings! Bah. Superman is such a show-off. Who needs that crap when you can TELEPORT!” And to prove my point, I teleport behind Sub-Teleman, my sidekick. 610 more words


A twist of fate

I was asked earlier on Wattpad what happens next, so, even if I wasn’t planning on it, here’s part two for the puppies’ story posted… 653 more words


[Bujo-ing] March 2018 Spread

Shamelessly uploading my March spread…in the late middle of March. >.<

This month’s theme was hard to brainstorm. I wanted a theme in which I could use pink, one of my favorite colors, and somehow, I made this assumption that cherries could be pink and so the theme is pink cherries. 507 more words