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So after all this blogging before and after this journalism course I’m taking, I’ve decided to begin pod-casting.  I suppose you could say it’s a natural progression if you’re interested in journalism, but it’s new to me.   110 more words

The World Through My Eyes

Blogging here on WordPress

Hi folks! Sean here from The Full Circle! The past couple of weeks have been pretty extraordinary with the creation of the first two episodes of The Full Circle. 191 more words


It was a Friday 13th type of day!

It felt like it should have been Friday 13th not Thursday 13th. It was more of a Friday 13th type of day. Actually the morning was OK (except that the door into the hospital that I normally use was locked so I had to go back down the stairs and in through a different door thus setting me off late to start with) but the afternoon was a different matter. 397 more words

Lesson's In Love ~ 8/6/15

What is love? I’ve made my list, I challenge you to make yours. What do you think it involves? It’s everything except hate…here is my list of what it is.First it is an emotion. 193 more words

Psychic Medium

The Garden That Burned Down (68:17-33) - Moosa Richardson [Audio|En]

Moosaa Richardson delivers this Friday khutbah based on the amazing story mentioned in Soorah Noon-wal-Qalam about the men whose garden burned down.

Lessons learned: Listening to our advisors, remembering to announce how our plans are subject to the Will of Allaah, disobeying Allaah in arrogance can lead to loss and destruction in this life, tragedies are opportunities to reflect about our relationship with Allaah, and turning back to Him in repentance when we have wronged ourselves. 311 more words

.Checked OK

Are burpees evil?

I decided to convert the garage into a mini-gym. When I say ‘convert’ you might imagine some sort of building work or actually some kind of effort. 429 more words