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You Missed Them? Oh No!

If you’ve missed the last couple episodes just click on the link! Trust me the episodes are worth it. You have great stories on ep.2 and 3. 31 more words


Say Thank You Sometime, Motherfucka!

When was the last time you showed someone gratitude without them doing something for you? Just for simply being them or just being there? Maybe because you love them?  584 more words


Feeling Stuck... Scrolling?

What does it mean when you feel stuck and it seems like everything and everybody is moving and you’re not? Like when you get high for the first time and you’re trying to determine if the sun is the one doing all the orbiting and the earth is the still one. 462 more words


Episode 13. Overthink about overhinking

The day has come.

In this episode we are talking about overthinking, one of the reasons we started this podcast in the first place. We both struggle with it and as we noticed online, we are not alone. 282 more words

Overthink Wars

Are You Not Happy?

You might be.

But what is happy?

During my “adult” years I’ve had a handful of people… well a little more, come to me out of vulnerability (well at least that’s what I’m going to call it for now) to tell me that they were unhappy. 1,082 more words


The Mini-Series


A series of mini episodes either done on-the-go or in a rush briefly exploiting the mood and how it got to such. Have a chuckle, share and enjoy! 7 more words


Truth, Honor & Integrity Show from 22nd Feb 2018

Listen to Thomas Williams Truth, Honor & Integrity Show from 22nd Feb 2018 on Spreaker.

News, Intel and Op-Ed to keep you informed of the state of the world today and the progress of the sovereignty of America. 22 more words