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Spreaker tutorial

En este enlace os dejo un tutorial sobre cómo usar Spreaker. Spreaker es una app para la grabación de programas de radio desde tu iPad. 18 more words

Welcome to Politically Charged!

For those tired of politics as usual.

Hosted by Jack Burland, with new episodes dropping every Monday morning at 5 AM! Click any of the links below to listen to the latest episodes! 8 more words

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Don't let them get you worked up! (Tuesday's Podcast)

Let’s talk about getting past this ugly thing online, called ‘rude comments’ Be nice to others, and agree to disagree.


All Powerful People are Lizards

Episode 4 – 6/12/17

So, infrastructure week in the Trump administration went well. Lou joins the pod to bless us with his opinions on James Comey’s testimony, why it is so important to get involved, and whether or not Martha Stewart finessed the legal system. 21 more words

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Uninformed but Highly Opinionated

Episode 3 – 6/5/17

On the first official episode of Politically Charged, Jack and Ken talk the latest in politics including the Kathy Griffin scandal, why our generation of twenty-somethings is getting more heavily involved in politics, and debate the need for extreme vetting. 7 more words

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Is Steve Bannon Trump's Doug Stamper?

Episode 2 – 6/5/17

Joined by his It Can’t Be Arrogance If I’m Right co-host Nick Talko, Jack gets into why even official White House tweets can’t be trusted now, how this current wave of activism might not last, and if Trump is less corrupt than Frank Underwood. 7 more words

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