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The Irony of Springing Forward

Some people don’t know whether to set the clock 1-hour ahead or behind when it’s time to change their clocks. We remember these simple phrases “Spring Ahead” or “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” or “Fall Behind” to gauge whether we move our clocks by 1-hour clockwise or counterclockwise. 157 more words


Daylight Saving Time Is Dumb

“Daylight Saving Time,” asks John Oliver, “why is this still a thing?”


“Daylight saving time begins Sunday: 6 things to know about ‘springing forward,’” Brian Resnick, … 46 more words

Spring Ahead

We Spring ahead this weekend!

There is more snow on the way this week (maybe) but Spring is getting close!

Come on Mother Nature you can do it !

Bring on Spring!!!

SFR 409: She's Real Fine

–It’s a short notice late-night recording of Strange Frequencies Radio here on a Saturday.
–This past Wednesday was International Women’s Day. Did everyone survive the “ 321 more words


daylight savings time...

my mom loved daylight savings time. she loved setting the clock ahead an hour…”spring ahead, fall back.” she loved getting up earlier. and, she loved that extra hour of daylight…it gave her time to work in her yard and garden. 188 more words


Daylight Saving Time

At 2:00 AM this Sunday morning people in most of the United States will set their clocks ahead one hour as we begin Daylight Saving Time. 323 more words

Daylight Savings is TONIGHT! Don't forget!

With all the excitement of St. Patty’s Day celebrating don’t forget TONIGHT we change the clocks!

Tonight at 2 am (which is technically early Sunday morning / March 12) we’ll push our clocks forward one hour to mark the start of daylight saving time. 124 more words