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Viburnum Superstar

It’s not a dogwood but when in bloom, it is a stunning lookalike and a good substitute for the spring-blooming dogwood for showy white flowers.  It’s the doublefile viburnum (Viburnum plicatum tomentosam). 179 more words

New Hampshire

Cactus Flower

This beautiful bloom is one of many cacti flowering around our area right now. If you look to the left you will see a bug finding shelter from the sun…and maybe a sweet drink of nectar.


Blumen Baden~


Baden-Baden’s spring bloom is just beginning. The tulips on the Lichtenthaler Alle, a strolling avenue and park, that follows the River Oos, are beginning their splendid spring bloom. 12 more words


A Gardener's Weather

It’s the middle of March and they are bickering in the heavens again.

Move out, you Old Goat, you’re done, finished.

Old goat, eh! I’ll show you. 1,450 more words

the reassuring hum of bees

My apricot tree in full bloom and humming with bees. Watch a one-minute video here.


Pretty Petal Pieces

On the edge of twigs’ last turn

Safe in the Spring Hold


Walking with the Spring Bloom

Native Californians, like myself, grow up with a spring bloom every year. For most of the year, in fact, we can rely on blossoms of some sort. 622 more words

One Small Walk