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van gogh paints here

I just met this tree and I’m grateful that it kept its promise. Spring has loved this neighborhood back to life. Some people use their words to hurt, others to heal, but this plum tree wisely remains silent and keeps its promise with its blossoms.

Colorado 2017

tulips, again

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half in a friend’s yard, taking pictures of tulips. I think it was worth it. More pictures will follow over the next days!


Happy Mother's Day!

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About the Optimism of Color Blog

Every Tuesday and Friday, I’m posting a photo or piece of art that I’ve created that reflects what I call the Optimism of Color. 81 more words


Spring At Last

This last week-end appears to have brought Spring to the West Coast, and I spent so many hours walking in the sun and snapping pictures that it will be at least a little while before my latest ones can be processed, and then seen on these pages. 319 more words

David Brian Paley

Spring Colors

I’m really appreciating the spring renewal around here. This was a bumper crop year for the fluorescent yellow “Wintercress” that we last saw in such glory back in 2010. 89 more words


My Favorite Photos of Spring 

Summer is just around the corner. The spring blossoms are turning into beautiful green leaves and the weather is feeling warmer. Before we dive into summer and inspired by my post… 161 more words