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Spring Season: To Do List

September is quickly approaching and we can all feel the pressure of BER MONTHS coming. For other countries, they are looking forward to this season because they have the “Spring Break” especially students, which Philippines usually doesn’t have (or we do not call it that way). 410 more words

Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas.

Also known as “Sin City” or just plain “Vegas.”

Whatever you want to call it, this popular destination in Nevada draws millions of people to its site every year, whether they’re out to gamble, attend shows, party, get married (yes, you can for under $75!), or perhaps do all of them. 1,235 more words


Philadelphia, PA

Hey readers! It’s me again and thankfully this is the last post for the Spring Break series (finally!)… which should have been done way earlier. ;) Anyway, since I’ve just moved here a couple of days ago, I’ll probably do another post on Philly when I’m done exploring other parts (famous/infamous). 1,040 more words

Flashback Friday: I was born for this

Some people spend their whole lives trying to figure out who they are.

But…I have always known I was a mermaid. Do I have a tail? 689 more words

American College Life contd. : Streaking and Spring Break

First of all let me apologize for the appalling lack of updates the past few months, what with exams, and travelling I’ve not had much time to sit down and write. 1,248 more words



Adaptability is helpful in many aspects of life, but it is specifically essential when traveling. Sometimes, even the most carefully crafted of plans can go horribly astray, and in the event of this, one needs to be able to adapt and make necessary changes. 485 more words


My Very First Real Vacation or How to Cook Yourself

In this story, (link), I wrote about getting engaged the second time, the last time.  It was just before the summer of 1978 and we had set a date for marriage in October.   1,147 more words

Young Love