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10 Cult Films of the Past 10 Years

We are not sure what exactly makes a film a cult-classic. Films like Get Carter, Scarface, and Dazed and Confused have all achieved this status albeit unintended. 907 more words


'Spring Breakers' (2012) - Review

To say that Spring Breakers is unique, subversive or an instance of “the future of cinema” is being extraordinarily generous; but there’s nothing wrong in enjoying it for what it is. 257 more words


The Vern talks Spring Breakers on The LAMBcast

Although our show has been lacking in posting new episodes.  Our hosts have been doing well in being guests on other shows.  The Vern took time off from his hosting and editing duties to help out with… 128 more words

The Vern honors some great online critics

Hello Everyone.  It’s been a quite stressful week for yours truly and I have not had much of a chance to write many reviews.   I hosted and helped… 1,091 more words


My Week in Movies, 2015 Week 19

Slightly less film watching was done this week. I only had three days off work, and at least one of those was spent predominantly looking after the puppy, so I didn’t get quite as much done as I’d have liked. 1,398 more words

My Week In Movies


Yes, the poster doesn’t look promising, but I’m going somewhere with this. From the outset, Spring Breakers looks like another pretentious trashy post-Tarantino action flick full of armed swimsuit models kicking ass in what a horny twelve-year-old thinks is feminism. 947 more words


Spring Breakers

As the thaw of spring begins to spread across the country, hoardes of U.S. university students flock to Floridian beaches and destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean to celebrate spring break. 221 more words