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Spring Cleaning

辞旧迎新 “Send away the old, usher in new energy”

The Chinese usually have this practice of spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year (For year 2018, it will be before 16 Feb 2017 – based on Gregorian Calendar) and there are auspicious dates for guidance. 74 more words

Spring Cleanse Day 5: Gentle Yoga for Detoxification

Whether you’re going for one more day of juice fasting, or if you are ready to ease your way out of this transformative cleansing experience – I wanted to offer you another tool to help keep you on track with your cleansing goals, and to help you get the most out of this week that you have dedicated to self-care.  235 more words


Spring Cleanse Secrets!

Hi ladies,

So spring is here, and we all want our bodies to be looking their best as the warmer temperatures approach. However, more than just for the physical aspect, it is important to cleanse your insides to be healthy and well. 479 more words


Spring Cleanse Day 4: the BEST green smoothie!

At our Juicing & Smoothie party last Sunday, we got to make and taste this amazing and delicious green smoothie. When you’ve simplified your diet, and dedicated these two days to liquids – fresh juiced vegetables and fruit and broth – this smoothie becomes the highlight of your cleanse! 192 more words


Spring Cleanse Day 2: What's for lunch?

This is shaping up to be the most delicious cleanse ever…who knew?

There are so many myths about cleansing: you have to starve yourself, it’s painful – even dangerous, you have to pay hundreds of dollars for a pre-packaged cleanse for it to really work, and some even believe it to be a drudgery. 471 more words


My Top Tools for Health

There are a lot of ways to get to our goals, but not all of us tackle new habits at the same speed. This spring I’m grateful for a couple of tools that can be used by a wide variety of personalities to improve health, whatever your pace. 577 more words


Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring time. Beautiful buds appear on trees, flowers pop up with enthusiasm from the ground, and the temperatures begin to show hints of summer to come. 724 more words