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All Things Equal


And of course it’s a big if…

We could find a way to co-exist in a world without:




Not to mention sectarianism,

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Gender Mereology

Glass Eye: Laura Bates' Conspiracy of Silence

“The patriarchy is like the Matrix, you have to have it shown to you, before you see it, and then you see it everywhere!” Caroline Criado-Perez…

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Gender Mereology

Glass Eye: Rickman's Man's World

Outside of highlighting the inherent double standard or obvious flaw in the articles that I write about, the main purpose of examining them under the  767 more words

Gender Mereology

Glass Eye: A Bird with a Tall Tale About the Recession

“The economy as it’s set up now doesn’t work for women,”  “It’s structured around this idea of the autonomous economic man and he has this hidden invisible caring economy that supports him and enables him to go off and do everything he wants to do.

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The Glass Blindspot - Spring Collection


Eyeisbloke and wether you are or wether you aren’t, you are most welcome to my humble blog.

This is my second collection of writing on the theme of Glass Blindspotism. 542 more words

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EYEisBloke's EverydaySexisimProject EverydaySexisim?Project

There’s no denying that men and women are still treated differently in 2015 – the Everyday Sexism project continues to prove it if nothing else.                                           Rachel Moss – Huffington Post UK…

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