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Spring Equinox Festival

The festival for the Spring Equinox is held on or about March 21st. This is where the length of day and night are equal. The sun and the length of days were very important to ancient cultures, for their lives depended on the growing season. 270 more words

Snow on the Day After the Spring Equinox

Even though spring had officially arrived it seemed like winter just refused to go away. How else can you explain this snowstorm that struck my area the day after the Spring Equinox? 109 more words



I lost my balance
on the first day of spring

wading in with caution…

but she wanted my whole body

so I fell into her… 20 more words


April 2018 - Chiron Review

Mercury remains retrograde basically until May. Communication will be delayed, distorted and convoluted. .

A hard review of CHIRON’s Mission could be helpful to understand the stellar dynamics we are accommodating. 572 more words


The Spring Equinox Sabbat: Eostara | Week 8

I know I am going out of order here and starting with week 8 of my Year and a Day but I figured, in a way, it kinda makes sense … in a way … kinda. 1,653 more words

A Year And A Day

X Marks the Spot

Last year, for the Squatcher’s Lounge podcast that was on Ash Wednesday, I explained why Easter is a movable holiday, and how to figure out when it will occur. 450 more words

Quasi-Hypothesis Quasi-Scientist

Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs: A bit of History

For the last few days, I have been contemplating the fact we have an Easter Bunny and not an Easter Chicken? Doesn’t it make more sense in regards to laying the eggs? 671 more words