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First Day of Spring |Edmonton|

20.03.2014| First Day of Spring, Edmonton


Bealtaine 2015 Business Metting

Folk Present: Grey, Weretoad, Cassandra
Members Present: AG
Guests Present: Bee, Cori, Wally, Elizabeth, Alex, Celia, and Ethan.

Called to Order: 3:30 pm

Old Business… 411 more words

It's Easter Fox, Not Easter Bunny!

It’s now past the season for this, but I came across this and wanted to post before I forgot. And perhaps our friends in the Southern Hemisphere can use the idea come September… 105 more words


Celebrate the Divine Mother & Her great adventure!

Today the world is celebrating the Mother!

What better day to invite you all to join me on Her great adventure?! I am beginning this adventure here in the new world of the internet and digital connection. 524 more words

An Icy Swim, the Northern Lights, a Solar Eclipse, the Spring Equinox and Bear Ski Preparation

Me and my classmates are on the final stretch of our wilderness guiding training here in Finland – with just under 2 months left. Since getting back from the February work placement, one of the main focuses was preparing ourselves for the… 1,204 more words


On Family and Changing Tides......

If you had told me even five years ago I would be emailing my twin sister and my mum in order to invite them to a New Moon group meditation with a ‘Sound Bath’, (Think huge gongs, crystal singing bowls and what can only be described as ‘soulgasm’ vibrations. 693 more words


Spring Equinox

We are at the point in the yearly cycle when balance exists between light and dark.

The day of Spring Equinox has equal times of daylight and darkness. 126 more words