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Newly published haiku

spring equinox
opening my door
to the first fly

~Modern Haiku, Summer 2016

the trees
become a whisper

A Hundred Gourds… 23 more words


Pagans are busy Folk-The Wheel Keeps Turning

Pagans are busy folks, conducting Ritual for 8 holidays per year, plus observing full moons and new moons.  That’s a minimum of 24 extra days, which brings us to 32 events per year, requiring some level of attention, or a covered dish for a pot luck.  496 more words

Wheel Of The Year

don't forget your stick..

i saw three ravens yesterday

one stayed behind

two flew away

which one remained

i cannot say

one stayed behind

two flew away

long before the mystery of time… 387 more words

Musings & Other Randomness

Spring Equinox Supper

It’s been quite a while since I blogged about a full meal from end-to-end: appetizer, main, dessert. After a relatively mild winter on this east coast, my yearning for fresh farmer’s market greens and onion family members (chives, green onions, shallots, etc.) reached a fever pitch around mid-March. 844 more words


High Day Essay #1 - Spring Equinox

Blessings! On March 20th I went to my first High Day ritual in years. It made me soooo happy. Hooray for finally living in a city with other druids and pagans who do things, and hooray for my health and schedule aligning properly to go to one. 534 more words

The "Rose" in Yoga, Drumming and Roses

It has been awhile and I have intended on continuing with sharing on this blog, my Yoga scripts to help teachers or give them theme ideas for classes. 750 more words

Spring Thaw 2016

Spring Thaw 2016

This year the everlasting winter bid its farewells, so we thought, on the Spring Equinox.  After the Easter celebrations many hastily rushed to put away the dreary, dark coloured, cumbersome and hefty winter coats along with the snow shovels and the winter tires. 136 more words

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