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In 1954 radioactivity from atomic tests in New Mexico turned ants into mutate, giant man-eating monsters.  In this black and white film, THEM one lesson was taught, that when man violated the laws of nature. 499 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Equinox posts

Just a quick FYI that I’ve got my Spring Equinox ritual, omen, and draft essay notes up over at my DP blog, starfire river tree… 351 more words

Spring Equinox Ritual - Omen Notes and Interpretation

Sticking all my notes on this in one place for easy reference. I think I’ll do this with all of them, and I’ll remember, next time, to take a photo of the cards I drew to add to it so you can see them if you’re not familiar with the deck, but for now, have some wall-o-text. 1,166 more words

Spring Equinox Ritual Notes

Going into the actual ritual notes now, copied from the DP WoTY book. I copypaste’d some of my omen notes from my initial write-up, but everything else I’ve written up now. 1,863 more words

Spring Equinox High Day - Essay Notes

So, this is my first High Day essay, reflecting on the Spring Equinox. It’s mostly a collection of thoughts, and I have used the questions in the DP Through the Wheel of the Year to shape and guide my thoughts. 2,012 more words

Your Ascension is Now!

We are living in amazing times right now!!  The past two weeks have opened a portal that created a vortex of amazing, crystalline energies.  We speak of ascension; this was it.  444 more words

And so comes the Equinox

I thought I’d get the first of my DP High Days done before now, but life got in the way, and I only just got around to it. 1,083 more words