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A Waiting Game

As gardeners, we spend a lot of time waiting!  We wait for seeds to sprout; we wait for tomatoes to ripen; we wait for rain to start; we wait for rain to stop; we wait for flowers to bloom . 757 more words


Late December in the garden

I am pleased to report that recent weeks have been mild, not warm, but not cold after a period in November that alarmed many gardeners with temperatures far below normal. 446 more words

My Garden

The Bulbs Are Done!

Hooray!  On Wednesday morning, I planted the last of 365 spring-blooming bulbs, throwing safely tucking fifteen assorted hyacinths into a patch at the outside edge of Dogwood Corner in the Terrace Garden: 502 more words

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Autumn - Planting Bulbs

Forgive me for just now trying to catch up on blogging about all of the Autumn garden activities.  Autumn is the busiest season in the gardens!  268 more words

Garden Care

Spring-Flowering Bulbs

The heralds of Spring! Nothing is more cheerful than a bed of Daffodils in full flower or a pot of Tulips on the patio.  The first Crocuses or Snowdrops poking their way out of the ground when most other plants are dormant is enough to make any gardener ready to shake off the winter cold and get back out in the garden. 198 more words

Mixed Crocus Bulbs

The bulbs largest, will produce 4-6 flowers from one corm in its first year. In subsequent years there in no advantage over the smaller corms as they all multiply rapidly. 76 more words