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Crazy, Not That Crazy

And so this evening he texted me and told me not to be mad, but he wasn’t ready to hang out tomorrow.(Go figure).

And so like any slightly crazy ex-girlfriend, I made up a reason why we should see each other. 662 more words


Texting: Who Answers and Who Doesn't

What is this? I just spent the last three hours, on and off texting my classmate, anticipating my ex-boyfriend to text me so we can we can plan what we’re gonna do on Monday. 189 more words



And so around noon today, I asked him what we were gonna do on Monday. I was kinda excited. Let’s do something really random.

A little while later, almost an hour later I think, he tells me hold on. 288 more words


He went on a date...

Well I feel a little crushed right now, although I guess I’m still in so much in shock and pretending I don’t care, to really pull in all the ways I really feel. 1,351 more words


Day Six, Tired. I need to stop looking through his facebook

To be honest, I feel exhausted. Part of it has to do with him, the other part has to do with feeling slightly overwhelmed at school. 351 more words



Why were you poking those girls on facebook? And why were they poking you? Were you doing it or was she doing it or were you both? 40 more words


Spring Forward - Creating Positive Change

The Power of Positive Thinking

How often do we consider the past and visualize what we would like our future to look like?  Sometimes we can’t see past the circumstances and patterns of our past.   450 more words