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Cracked 5 ... March 13th, 2018

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Ways to Gain Back the Hour You Recently Lost From Springing Ahead for Daylight Savings Time

A. Don’t watch the anemic reboot of “American Idol” 30 more words

Cracked 5

Help out your future self


Well, we just made it through the worst weekend of the year: the start of daylight saving time. We “spring forward” (I don’t know who came up with such a cheery name for such an annoying event) by setting our clocks ahead by an hour. 697 more words

Daylight Saving Time: It’s not just sleep, here are some other things affected by time change

The biannual time change occurred for much of the country on Sunday, leaving some feeling a little groggy to kick off the work week, but the start and end of Daylight Saving Time affects more than just one’s sleep. 425 more words


Thank you, Daylight Savings

I used to HATE “springing forward” and eagerly anticipate “falling back.”

Then, I had children.

Before kids, “spring forward” meant losing an hour of my life. 291 more words


Perfunctory Daylight Savings Time Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

Ugh…grumble…grumble… maaalhajsldfjasdgfdfs….

I despise daylight savings time, and, you know, I’m glad Florida is seeking to do away with the damned thing altogether.

I didn’t get to sleep until well past my adult bed time, had a hard time getting up… and now my body is like hey, it’s 10am-ish… but it’s a lie. 31 more words

Must be bad Pipe(r)s, We Sprang a Leak!

“Great Scott, Pipe-y, look at that date. We appear to have sprung too far forward!” exclaimed Bloc Brown. “And where did this robot come from?”


Spring Floorward

Today’s the day! Or maybe it
Was yesterday? I’ve missed a bit
Between my first and seventh cup
Of coffee. When did I get up? 95 more words