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Day Six, Tired. I need to stop looking through his facebook

To be honest, I feel exhausted. Part of it has to do with him, the other part has to do with feeling slightly overwhelmed at school. 351 more words



Why were you poking those girls on facebook? And why were they poking you? Were you doing it or was she doing it or were you both? 40 more words


Spring Forward - Creating Positive Change

The Power of Positive Thinking

How often do we consider the past and visualize what we would like our future to look like?  Sometimes we can’t see past the circumstances and patterns of our past.   450 more words

Day One: So Far...

To be honest, I kinda have a headache right now because I am thinking too hard about nonsense. Also, I had this sugary desert a few hours ago and I think its going to my head. 504 more words


Spring Forward: But I Feel Backwards...

To be honest, I just feel so exhausted from thinking about him constantly. It’s kinda giving me a headache. We broke up over two months ago and then had a thing about a month ago. 1,142 more words


Spring forward? Stop Stealing My Sleep!

Twice a year I wake up more tired, dazed and confused than usual. (Trust me, they are strong words to be uttered by a fibromite) Can we just stop messing with Daylight Saving time? 241 more words

Health And Wellbeing

Sunday 13 March 2016. Spring Forward into Fog

It was 57 degrees F at 6:45 (new time) this morning, with light rain and fog. The sun would not be up until 7:06, so was happy to be there for a good part of the event of the dawn. 146 more words