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The Best Annuals for Shade

Have a shady spot in your garden that needs some color? Don’t we all? It’s easy to find colorful blooms that do well in full sun, but sometimes that can be harder when it comes to shade. 485 more words

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cows and cover crops

There are deep footprints through the plots of mangel-wurzels, oats and field peas, and Country Gentleman corn, where three cows got through the open lane gate while we were milking and did spring dances in the soft, wet earth.  169 more words

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The Hill is Alive with Radishes ~

Rejoice everyone, my springtime permaculture garden is alive with radishes. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the first two leaves of the radish popping out of the ground. 380 more words


Garden To-do’s Part 2: Planting Annuals

Looking at your yard this spring, you are overcome with a desire to change things up. Where to start? You don’t have the budget to rip everything out and start again so do you live with what you have? 700 more words


Time To Tidy Up The Garden

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some gardeners tidy up their perennials every fall, which leaves a very neat garden and a clean slate come spring. 188 more words

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Stuck for a plant idea? Here are 25 inspiring perennial winners

I can stand, staring at one spot in a garden bed, for a long time. Too long, really. You’d think that, after some years of designing gardens and nurturing plants, deciding on what to stick in a bare spot wouldn’t be that much of a challenge. 239 more words

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How to Grow Blueberries in Colorado Gardens

Colorado gardeners who fall in love with the idea of growing their own blueberries may be disappointed with the results. There just isn’t enough room on a planting tag for all the information they need. 455 more words

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