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Black Dragon and Sparrow

黒竜 と スズメ (Kuro ryū to Suzume)
Black dragon and sparrow

“Come, let me show you” – Indeed the spring moon was full and lit the yard Like a klieg. 435 more words

General Poetry

Spring Night

Graciously lingering vernal zephyr, alluring thalassic temptress

Nocturne-filled lungs, kinetic rhapsody

A sweet perfume of night-blooming jasmine and cloying car exhaust

Beat feet thumping on friendly pavement… 57 more words

Bullshit Poetry

an east wind across the water

An east wind is blowing across the cove tonight-
the cool air perfumed with the scent of honeysuckle
and that lake water faintly fishy smell. 30 more words


I think it was in April

Let’s take, for instance,
one moon
on one spring night.
Let’s say an April moon,
full and pink in her loveliness,
a moon so perfect it would be hard to forget. 75 more words


Two haiku - spring -

Big Dipper:  Amanogawa
Across the dark skies
The enormous question mark
Searches for the truth.

Dark leaves on the ground
Feel the thrust of one snowdrop.
Spring stirs in her sleep.


Spring Night by Su Shih

A spring night hour is worth a ton of gold
the pure scent of flowers the moon’s pale light
music from the terrace finer than silk… 12 more words