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The Perfect Match: Spring Petite Pea Tapenade with Grilled Haloumi

Nothing says spring like beautiful petite peas.

I snap them up whenever I see them fresh in the stores and always have a bag of them in my freezer. 542 more words


Spring Guacamole

I recently discovered a great (and seasonal!) way to lighten up your favorite guacamole recipe. Just substitute half of the avocado for mashed spring peas. 17 more words


Seared Sea Scallops and Ricotta Spring Pea Mash for Earth Day

KP was not allured to this dinner concept while I referred to it with certain diction—“pea mash”—not a sexy term. “Pea” anything was not what KP wanted to accompany his sea scallops. 461 more words


The Best “Make & Take” Spring Pea Crostini

Crostini with spring pea pesto & fresh mozzarella & prosciutto

Are ya’ll ready for a delicious, easy, “make & take” appetizer recipe? Often times, I’m asked to bring an appetizer and always struggle to come up with an idea. 327 more words


Summer Green Peas: Happy Thoughts

Fresh Green Pea Season

It’s Pea Season! And we’ve been hauling huge bags of them home from the farmers market every week. My favourite way to enjoy summer peas is to simply fill a large bowl with fresh, cold, crunchy pea pods, shell one, pop the succulent little morsels straight into my mouth, savour them thoroughly, and gluttonously carry on until the whole bowl is empty. 684 more words


Smoked Salmon and Spring Pea Frittata

This frittata, loaded with protein and flavor, is an excellent way to start your day. The smoked salmon and eggs not only provide protein but they have been shown to provide a mood boost as well. 213 more words