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Another Spring Salad

I bought a few sunchokes (also known as Jerusalem artichokes) at the green market on Sunday and since I wasn’t up to turning the oven on to roast them – my usual way with them -I turned them into another healthy salad for Steve’s lunch. 163 more words


Creamy Lemon Kale Salad & Ranting About Apple IOS 8

True confessions
1) I haven’t been posting many recipes because I don’t want to write the recipe down because I don’t actually use recipes. I read recipes for inspiration only. 350 more words


Spring Salad

With summer almost here I decided that maybe, just maybe I should lose a few pounds. Not that I’m ever going to be seen in a bikini, but just because in the hot New York summer you need to feel lighter. 162 more words


Balsamic Bread Salad

This salad started as a riff on a date salad from the great cookbook Jerusalem, but has become a nightly addition to the dinner table for the last two weeks. 277 more words


Gorgeous (Nearly) All Green Salad - Avocado, Asparagus, Grapefruit and Baby Spinach

The asparagus has been amazing, this year. I see it on a ton of menus, and every time I find it, even in the most “regular” of grocery stores, the spears are thin, tender, and gorgeous. 469 more words



The Marchfeld is one of the best places for growing asparagus due to its climate and sandy soil. By May, spring brings out the green shoots, with purple- tinted tips and a deep, intense flavor. 523 more words


Spring Abundance Bowl

A few weeks ago, I made this recipe for the first time. Josh was home the day I made the radish pickles, but left town before he could actually eat one of the fully assembled bowls. 286 more words