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The Countryside

I went out for a drive today
looking out along the way
and wondered as I sometimes do
just how wonderful the view
with everything green and the sun shining bright… 172 more words


It all starts with a thin crust of spring paper (as we call it) and the rest of it is all my imagination and creation .

Life Goes On

Reading through old poems and this one gript my heart anew.
It still amazes me that I hated my own writing for years and wouldn’t dare put pen to paper because of what leaked out. 152 more words


BLOG: look at all the things we didn't kill

Anyone who has sat on my sofa recently, perhaps with the curtains drawn and the lights off, may have had their sights drawn briefly away from the glow of the television to touch on the ominous silhouette of our most recently deceased houseplant. 901 more words


Oohh LaLa...So Scandalous

Summer 2017 is the time to let those shoulders breath and get rid of those sleeves. I have to say that Forever 21 is drastically updated their online store by adding web exclusives, collaborating with Monif C swimwear and updating the quality of their fabrics. 470 more words

Spring Time

Spring Time

Spring has sprung! And with it come reminders to enjoy each present moment. After all, like the lilacs and peonies, joy can be fleeting. In truth, it always is. 99 more words