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Four Southeast Native Iris Species

Iris are popular additions to gardens for good reason. They are uniquely beautiful and easy to grow.   Bright blue native iris are among my favorite spring wildflowers.  680 more words


Those Blooming Saguaros

I would bet most everyone has seen a Saguaro Cactus, at least in pictures.  It is an iconic image of old time westerns, even though it does not grow throughout all of the southwest.  363 more words


Miterwort Flowering

Miterwort (Mitella diphylla), also called Bishop’s Cap, is named for the resemblance of its two-peaked fruits to the hats (known as miters) worn by bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.  111 more words

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - May 2016

After a speedy start, spring in our part of Pennsylvania has slowed considerably, due to several weeks of cool, damp weather. It’s nice in a way, as the flowers that… 2,145 more words

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Photo of the Week - May 5, 2016

Wildflower viewing this time of year, at least in the prairies I know best, is more like an Easter egg hunt than a fireworks show.  Spring wildflowers tend to bloom within just a few inches of the ground, nestled among the early growth of grasses and wildflowers that will literally overshadow them within just a few weeks.   278 more words

Prairie Photography

Wild Ginger Hedges Its Bets When It Comes To Pollination

Flowers that have limited opportunity to attract pollinating insects, such as those that mature very early in the spring, often are self-fertile – they can produce seeds without the benefit of pollinators.  177 more words

Into the Woods

2 May 2016 – I’m off into the woods with my friend Mary — and when you have 100 acres, as she & Mike do north of Gananoque, you have lots to explore, right there on your own property. 509 more words