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Separate keyspaces with Spring Data Cassandra

Following on from my previous post Getting started with Spring Data Cassandra we will look into using multiple keyspaces within an application. This will be a relatively short post due to most of the content being covered in the earlier post allowing us to focus on the code needed to allow multiple keyspaces and reasons why you might want to switch from a single one to using multiple. 1,010 more words


T2 Honey Honey

Brand: T2

Flavour: Honey Honey

Ingredients: Fermented honeybush

Caffeine Factor: Caffeine-free

Organic Ingredients: 100%

Price Range: £7.50

Cups Per Box: 40 (approx.)

Review: An interesting one that smells like crystallised honey, but tastes like very mild rooibos – worth bearing in mind if you don’t like that strong rooibos or black tea flavour. 191 more words

A Tea At A Time


Pane of glass, frosted,
Winter’s pulse slowed to dream deep–
Bare heart’s hidden spring.
John Biscello

Rooted coleus

This is a follow up on my Coleus story. I had taken some cuttings from coleus because I wanted to propagate them for the next year and I also wanted something bright and cheerful on my windowsill for when the weather gets really cold and snowy and depressing. 103 more words

Lifestyle And Hobbies


What sudden noise doth chance upon the ground?

Why t’s rain, that sound from yesteryear

that passed our way once upon a long forgotten time… 33 more words