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Tis' another weekend

This weekend will be my second weekend since i have become absent of a job. I left on good terms and I do hope to go back when the season of tourists and hungry citizens return. 280 more words

Is This My Addiction?

It’s crazy that it’s been almost a month since I’ve written anything for my blog! If you’re following me, I apologize for the wait on a new post. 188 more words


Spring Forward – Fall Back

Nasty old Verna Equinox – AKA Mother Nature – has been toying with us this year.  She’s promised us since March the 21st that it’s Spring, but, like a drunken bar pickup, it’s a lot of talk, and very little action. 490 more words

That's Life

 Melding It All Together

When a person loves food, art, science, math, crafts, lounging around, writing, drinking with friends, working their tail end off, and being a bum. This leaves lots of pictures and not enough words. 115 more words

Learn About Birds and Make a Bird Feeder

Weekly Trip to the Library

It’s Spring and the kids I care for are waking to the friendly chirps of birds migrating back to their neighborhood again. 386 more words

Weekly Trip To The Library

a life becoming...

True to itself, the brook is sky. Rain blurs reflections of trees, of farmland, of me. My heart recalls a life becoming: wearing my pajamas to the drive-in each Saturday night…Georgie, our Newfoundland, lying down in this brook as the water flowed around him…new summer dawns in which to sleep late…fussing over the cattails  growing tall…splashing, hollering, racing with cousins on this property – now mine. 44 more words