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Esme reicarnated

It is pretty quiet in the garden with only three chickens which is both good and bad. I love planting but the chickens sadly doesn’t see the difference between weeds and flowers… But as sure as I’ve already ordered new seeds I’ve started looking for eggs to buy. 312 more words

Hen Island

30 Hottest Spring 2017 Trends

I can’t believe that there are 30 great different trends that are all so different, some are old trends, some are new trends, and other trends are breaking through with hybrid styling, by bringing back old styles from 80’s and 90’s but putting a modern twist on them so they can be a hit. 34 more words


Custom Validator to check if a String contains XML

This blog post will show you how to create a custom validator to check if a String contains valid XML using the Java Validation API… 752 more words


Flowers Haiku

Daffodils will bloom

forsythias will flourish

when the snowfall wanes.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies


My A-Z Reading Challenge.

In July last year I set myself the challenge of reading through the alphabet. Starting with a book by an author whose surname began with an A, then moving onto b, then c and so on, and in the correct order, and only going to the library for my books I read my way through the alphabet. 367 more words

After the storms

The oracle trotted out this small gem with virtually no prompting. I hope she’s right…

A thousand storms later,

spring rose

from the shadows

like a symphony

of pictures.