So Much for Making a Splash: Whatever Happened to the High Dive?

As August moseys toward its end and people increasingly talk about summer in the past tense, one’s mind naturally drifts to other summers of years gone by. 618 more words

About the allegation that Steiner has used the Theosophical Society as a springboard for his spiritual science

Among the various charges that have been directed against me in reference to my work in the Theosophical Society – even from the side of the Society itself – this also has been raised: that to a certain extent I used this Society, which already had a standing in the world, as a spring-board in order to render easier the way for my own spiritual knowledge. 338 more words


Subjunctive in English

Have any of your students ever stumped you with a question about grammar?

In a recent class, a student asked me why the verb could be either “was” or “were” and I couldn’t give a straightforward answer! 286 more words


Springboard celebrates 50th anniversary by springing into the pool

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Springboard is celebrating its 50th anniversary by springing off diving boards! Leaders of the educational organization will be taking the plunge into the pool at Clayton Shaw Park. 43 more words

AM Show

Springboard is here (Why doesn't my heart go dancing?)

So then, my employer – Royal Mail – has fully accepted me as a transgender employee and I have managed to keep my job, change my name with HR, and acquire the right to never again have to set foot in that foul annex of Mordor known as the men’s restroom… So far so good. 673 more words


People Making a Difference in Rocky Mount

I invite you to Follow this blog. Join me on Main Street today!

Evan Covington Chavez

With so many interesting things to write about, it was hard to decide where to begin until I spent time with Evan Chavez, a bright and capable woman who is making a difference in our community. 303 more words

People Making A Difference In Rocky Mount

Creating Strong Women: The Sprint Women's Development Programme

The Sprint Women’s Development Programme is a course, designed by the Springboard Consultancy, to help female research students think about their careers, professional development, and balancing work and personal lives. 732 more words