For the Bookworms: Books of 2016

Back in my tumblr days, I used to collate the books I read every year (here’s 2013 and 2012). In 2015 I moved everything to Trello… 798 more words


Santa flight & meeting a paralympian

What a week!

Christmas officially hit the Moncrieff household and it was such a magical experience decorating the Christmas tree with Rosie.

We put Rosie in her stander so we could wheel her as close to the tree as possible to hang the decorations by herself. 461 more words

Having Fun

Black Friday Weekend: The rise of the night owl

Well, that was a surprise wasn’t it? All those predictions of an online surge and physical store armageddon seem to have been wrong. As I said in a post yesterday, it’s clear Black Friday weekend is still evolving. 442 more words


Rosie's first day at nursery

This was Rosie on her first official day at nursery without Iain or I there and she had a brilliant time hobnobbing with a TV star! 174 more words

Disabled Child

Fluid Festival Feels the Burn

(Photo: Moi-lesAutres. Photo credit: Lumanessence Photography)

Can a body tell a story?

Dance makes some people anxious, because dancers use their bodies, not their words, to tell a story, or to create a world. 293 more words

Arts And Entertainment

Getting Started with Data Science, for the complete beginner

If you found this page, it means two things:

  1. You are interested in data science, but aren’t sure where or how to begin.
  2. My SEO skills are improving.
  3. 1,047 more words

Time to celebrate? UK footfall up in August - but only just

It’s been a roller coaster ride for UK high streets and malls in recent months what with weather woes, Brexit blues or boom, online chipping away at physical stores and lifestyle changes meaning many of us shop differently than we used to. 188 more words