Chesworth as backdrop in Riverside Walk 2018 charity film

The farm is first stop on the clockwise route for people taking part in the Riverside Walk 2018.  The Friends committee is delighted to introduce the… 58 more words


Capstone Ideas for a Data Science Course

I work for an arts organization. We have a robust database (with over 15 years of data) on visitors, donors, members, and other community contacts that data on includes visitation, purchases, memberships and other donations, survey responses, addresses, and email responses. 285 more words

Why & How Data Science?

Data Scientists finds new discoveries. They make a hypothesis and they try to investigate that hypothesis. Look for meaning, knowledge in the data.

Data/Business Analyst: Visualize the data, create reports & look for patterns… 461 more words

What is Twitter saying about COSRX?

My first data science project!

I spent Q1 of 2018 studying data science at Springboard, and thought it would be good to share my Capstone project with you. 154 more words

Social Media

Keyboard Stuck at Homescreen / Springboard

Hello there, what are you doing ? do i summon spotlight search ? i don’t think so…

Discovered at : 23 July 2017, iOS Stable, iPhone 6s… 18 more words



In our pursuit of life, some of us do think about death while some don’t. Some believe in an afterlife and live their lives here on earth in order to make it there while some don’t. 212 more words


Videos of the Month

I’m gonna try and create a blog post each month with different videos that I’ve found cool on the internet – sometimes I’ll say something about them, sometimes not. 353 more words

Design And Systems Thinking