...of 'throwback Thursday'...

…”a trend among social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook wherein users post or repost older photographs (often from their childhood) with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT. 214 more words

UK footfall down again but which destinations rose?

If you thought I was done with all those Christmas shopping reports, think again. My readers don’t escape that easily. The reason? The latest report from Springboard about shopper footfall during December. 347 more words


The Wise Angel

In the book ‘Springboard,’ Professor Richard Shell narrates the story of an elderly man (from working class background) who walked into a Wharton School seminar on… 554 more words


UK retail footfall: good news and bad for high streets

OK, first the apology – this report has some pretty dry figures so don’t expect sexy factoids. Second the excuse – if we really want to see what’s happening in retail, then we need to look at such figures. 767 more words


Springboard Raises $1.7M For Its Mentor-Based Approach To Online Learning

There are already plenty of large online learning companies — known as MOOCs; massive open online courses — that use the Internet to democratize education through distribution. 687 more words


Deep dive into digital rewrites rules for stores say reports

So, the dust has settled on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and we can finally see what impact they had on shopping. In the UK, it was … well, very little. 714 more words


Paris, Brussels, London: Shopper traffic down

France’s government may have been encouraging citizens to “go shopping” but it appears many of them aren’t listening, at least as far as physical stores in Paris are concerned. 494 more words