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Private Investigator Called My Wife, About Michael Fisher, And The A-3 Sexual Assault Scandal

The other day was a big bag of emotions, let me tell you. As some of you may be aware, my wife went to an alternative high school in Springfield, Oregon, called A-3. 622 more words


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Hi! My name is Tara and I am a life-long animal lover, enthusiastic humane society volunteer, and strong believer that animals are the purest of souls. 311 more words

Sexual Abuse Victim Sues Springfield's Academy Of Arts And Academics | KLCC

Yeah, Springfield School District and Nancy Golden are fucked now… especially since they just paid out for another creepy teachers actions in 2013. Not because he did something at Springfield Schools, per se… It is because they knew about his questionable behavior, but didnt pas that info on to his next employer… They knew, and said nothing… This is a pattern for Nancy Golden, and she needs to be held accountable… 47 more words

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Springfield principal abused student for years after allegations first surfaced, police records show | Local | Eugene, Oregon

Here we go folks. For those still apologizing for the guy… STOP.. OK, just stop.

What troubles me, is the fact that parents complained to the school, brought their suspicions, in 2007. 135 more words

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UPDATE: Michael Fisher, A3 School Sexual Misconduct Scandal. Suspicion Of Misconduct Was Allegedly Reported To A3 Staff Member By Another Student

This is really the latest bombshell, at least to me. Now having ascertained the identity of the victim, I have been told that an A3 student, who was concerned about the interaction between Michael Fisher and the victim, did indeed go, with those concerns, to another teacher there at the A3 School. 162 more words

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To Michael Fisher's Apologist's... You Are Culpable Too!!

I have some thoughts, for those are complaining about the tarnishing of Michael Fisher’s memory, with our discussion of his thus far alleged crimes.

First, NO ONE is tarnishing his memory but Michael Fisher himself! 257 more words

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More Details Come Out In Principal Michael Fisher's Suicide and Sexual Assault Allegations

More details, are coming out, in Principal Michael Fisher’s suicide, and the sexual misconduct with children allegations against him.

Turns out the girl accusing him says it happened over a number of years, and on school grounds, there at A3. 310 more words

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