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Grenfell Tower, sprinkler systems and decision-making






Tower block living is problematical whether it’s social or private. The Grenfell Tower fire tragedy was a massive wake-up call for everyone associated with tower blocks either as residents or managers. 506 more words


Regulators Allege Discrimination in Battle Over Sprinklers in Darcelle’s XV and Silverado

A long-running battle between the Oregon Building Codes Division and the city of Portland has devolved into an argument over which agency is more concerned about the safety of LGBTQ clubgoers. 49 more words

Willamette Week

Know your Sprinkler Systems

What Should I Consider When Buying a Sprinkler System?

When planning the installation of a sprinkler system, it’s important to take several things into consideration: the area you need to cover, your budget, local legal codes, and the type of garden you have. 688 more words


Finding the right Sprinkler System for your Residential Project

When are sprinkler systems needed?

As well as smoke ventilation systems, detectors and sounders/alarms, sprinkler systems can play in important part in the fire safety of a building. 786 more words


Portland feuds with state agency over local fire safety rule

Portland is standing by its rule that requires large nightclubs to have automatic fire sprinklers after a state agency demanded the city rescind the requirement and pay fines. 46 more words

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