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Oh to be young again

Big J, Little J,

These are the moments I will miss when I’m old and you’ve flown the coop. The joyful laughter, giggles and squeals as you run through the sprinklers on an 84 degree day (we get like 4 of these in Seattle…). 220 more words

Group calling for updated fire sprinkler law

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Several fire service organizations in the state are working with an sprinkler industry group to push lawmakers to adopt more stringent requirements for sprinklers in local homes. 78 more words


Getting Outside When You Can't Go Anywhere.

Have you ever had those times when you just cannot find a moment to actually go to a park, or hiking, or somewhere–anywhere outside?

Me too. 400 more words

Outside Fun!

Sprinklers and Summer

Everyone has memories of playing in their sprinkler during the hot summer days. Not only was this a fantastic way to stay cool, but it was a lot of fun. 191 more words

The Way to Automate the Most Crucial Element of Having a Beautiful Yard

Many things these days, it would appear, are viewed as an garden irrigation system contest. Even things as ostensibly individual as the actual manner that the outside associated with an individual’s residence and lawn and also garden seems is a thing that currently has come to be an important challenge in between nearby neighbors. 287 more words


The Way to Automate the Most Crucial Element of Aquiring a Lovely Garden

Lots of things these days, it does seem, will be looked at as an important competition. Even stuff as relatively individual as the particular sprinkler heads… 324 more words


The Best Way to Automate the Most Important Part of Possessing a Gorgeous Garden

Many things these days, it seems, will be viewed as a rivalry. Also things as hunter sprinkler heads particular as the very way that the outside of someone’s residence plus lawn and garden presents itself is actually a thing that now has come to be some sort of a competition in between neighbors. 289 more words