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Sprint Review

Near the end of the Sprint, the team conducts two important inspect-and-adapt activities: the Sprint Review and the Sprint Retrospective. The Sprint Review focuses on the product itself. 1,024 more words

The Basics

Sprint Planning

Each Sprint begins with a time boxed meeting called Sprint Planning. In this meeting the Scrum Team collaborates to select and understand the work to be done in the upcoming… 531 more words

The Basics

What is Scrum?

Scrum is an Agile framework for developing innovative products and services, for organizing and managing work. Scrum begins when some stakeholders need a product. The Scrum framework is based on a set of… 341 more words

The Basics

Scrumdamentals 101: Sprint Backlog

    The Sprint Backlog holds the committed items to be completed by the Developers during the current Sprint.  These committed items are removed from the Product Owner’s… 237 more words


Main Differences Between Agile Scrum And XP Framework

Differences Between Agile Scrum And XP Framework

Of all Agile frameworks, scrum is the most popular one. Scrum framework is highly recommended for developing IT projects and it is so widely recommended for it that it is often confused with Extreme Programming or “XP” Agile framework, which is synonymous with software development. 696 more words


Should I use hours to estimate my tasks in Scrum?

My new recommended “starter” “complementary practice” for new Scrum teams is to simply create tasks and use the “number of tasks remaining” for a burndown.  (I also usually recommend that they try to make it such that the vast majority of their tasks are roughly 1 day or less) I encourage them more to focus on PRI (potentially releasable increments), Sprint Goals, and achieving a moderately consistent level of skill at meeting their Sprint forecasts (used to be called “Sprint commitment,” it’s been re-named in the Scrum Guide).  276 more words


Velocity vs. Estimates

One of the frequent slips I see Scrum teams make is adjusting velocity when they should be amending an estimate, or vice versa.

My general advice is this: 377 more words