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VFX Project - Of Course you Realise, This Means War!

Our project in the coming weeks for VFX is to produce a short clip, something like 10-15 seconds long, that mixes real world footage with effects created and placed in by After Effects, or effects obtained from special effects websites and incorporated. 219 more words


The Fighters Generation

The Fighters Generation is a world renowned character database… featuring just about every fighting game character in existence. It boasts an unparalleled collection of the best quality artwork, pictures & animations!



Zweifuss is a website that displays the sprite animations for Street Fighter 3 – Third Strike. Great for reference material and for just admiring the lovely sprite animations.


One year anniversary!

Woah! This website/blog is now one year old, and still receiving new posts (almost) every week. Gotta brew some extra strong coffee to celebrate! Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s get into this weeks post. 632 more words

Tales Of Astya

11th January: Mischief

Many stories tell of mischief and mayhem, they tell it in all sorts of ways, caused by all manner of creature. Most use fairies or goblins, they call them sprites or fear to give them names at all. 308 more words

Short Story

Centurio Battle Arena

This is the start screen for the Game I created together with Falk Hähner on an intern Game Jam here at school. The task was to create a “One Button” game within one week, a game controlled by only one button per player. 81 more words

2D Art

Unity - Individual Game, Update #2

More individual game work this week and some very early GIF footage of the main character moving around the level in torchlight.

The plan this week was to attach a movement script to the character, which I’ve done, and make a few more assets. 676 more words