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Walking with Sprites

“Alright, let’s go,” the man said to his little pup, and they walked out of the yard and onto the sidewalk.
It was getting dark, but the man thought he’d be back in time and you don’t need sunlight to walk your dog. 219 more words

Short Stories

Word splitting

This sprite takes words in a variable and puts them in a list.



Starbolts #389: The Agony of Memory

The secret is out! A former Starbolt the team thought was dead is actually alive and held captive by none other than Dr. Clive Marshall! What’s this? 72 more words


May 1st May Day

Today is celebrated all over the earth, for several reasons, but it is recognized as the end of winter and beginning of spring with summer coming on fast. 249 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

Starbolts #388: Rise of the Royalty

The origin of how the Mosqukatara got humanoid form has been revealed! But, man alive are the bad Inobe backing the wrong horse here. What are they gonna do? 47 more words


Using Piskel for simple pixel art.

Taking a break from coding for a sec (not because I’m bored) but because I’m utilizing social media to keep me focused. That said, I’ve almost no original content to put up .. 458 more words

Failing Beautifully

Using Piskel!

Wanted to start putting up different pics aside from the python logo, so I made my own!

It’s horrid but I love it, I’ll begin modifying it when i get tired of it. 30 more words

Failing Beautifully