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MoD Update! & 4koma: Army Perverts

 & FWorking on the final sprites since I’m having a hard time completing the writing for Part I. Sho is completely done, so hooray for that! 138 more words

Magicians Of Delphine

Part 2

Once you have the program you can now start your project, to start with open gamemaker up and then create new game and name it what you want, now you are gonna need sprites for your game, you could use the sprite editor in the program, but if you want to produce better sprites then I would suggest using Photoshop, if you don’t have that then you could use a program called… 43 more words


Stars, Sprites, Clouds, Auroras

What are those red streaks in the sky? While photographing unexpected auroras over a distant thunderstorm, something extraordinary happened: red sprites. This brief instance of rarely imaged high-altitude lightning flashed so bright that it was witnessed by several people independently. 97 more words

Photo Of The Day

Sprites Sprites Sprites

So right now two of us in the group are working on drawing out the sprites. So far so good and we’ve got some adorable examples. 32 more words

Caffe Morte

Week 9 of the Piñata – Sprite monkey

The final week of the project is almost here and the game Night of the Piñata is in its final stage of polish. The graphics for the game is just about done and the few things that get a new finish are the objects I made over the weeks. 356 more words

Uppsala University Campus Gotland

Lightning Sprites

The only thing more fantastically imaginative than mythological creatures, is the Earth itself. The sheer awesomeness that we’re still discovering natural phenomenons we had no idea existed beforehand is a testament to the worlds’ natural ability to self sustain and function as a perfect system by itself. 634 more words