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List of Legendary Pokemon with available in-game normal and shiny sprites

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A large number of Legendary Pokemon shiny sprites have been discovered in Pokemon GO’s network traffic over the past few months, mostly centered around Generation I and II Legendary Pokemon. 169 more words


Modders Are Trying To Salvage Chrono Trigger On PC

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I’m not sure it’s possible to make Chrono Trigger, one of the greatest RPGs of all time, actively bad, but Square Enix’s surprise PC port is… 361 more words


Timer writing Engine

This sprite can be useful for games and music visualisations.

The scripts can be a bit hard to understand if you are beginning. If you need help, feel free to ask in comments ! 11 more words


Faeries: The long winter - Part 5

I had the urge to return to this.  Let’s have another part shall we.  It was only ever meant to be one part…

Faeries: The long winter… 783 more words

Short Story


It’s just an example sprite.

It have no code in it, there are only the costumes.

I recommand you to follow the same template for your sprites’ pages.



My Pixels: Random Man 1

Bored me, tried to do some pixel art.

I did a lazy pixel art. And bothered uploading it on my blog. It is quite a long time since I did a 32 by 32 pixel art. 23 more words


Starbolts #379: A Fox in the Hen House

A dark evil has returned to plague our heroes. The alien race known as the Mosqukatara have returned! What form will they take? The last time we saw these insectioids they were decidedly more insect-like than I would’ve liked. 48 more words