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Sprites, sounds, collision and dodging

Quick Python Summary: I covered the last 3 chapters of the book altogether! Chapter 19 was on collision detection – you score a point for each square you collide with. 246 more words


Unreal engine: process

Sprite files for flip-book

importing Aaron blueprint 11 more words

Games Design


Over the course of the trimester for CIU212, the project has shifted focus from 3D to 2D. To create the sprites and create basic sprite animations, we relied on… 320 more words

Trimester 3

Nymphs Never Die

Nymphs never die.
They fade
Into woodland glade,
While I
Wait in fear
For nymphs to reappear.


Robin Rooms & Rhythm Rage

Hey all!

So this week I worked oooonnnn….

  • Check Mark Symbol for Robbery
  • Frozen Note Sprite
  • Ice Car Marker Variant
  • Robin’s Rescue Room
  • Import Boss level w/ Adriana…
  • 131 more words


I made a Loch Ness Monster sprite…. And some other random stuff. As always, free to use in any project as long as credit is given to Strange Dragon. Enjoy!

RPG Maker MV Resources

Title Menu & Finalized Boss Level!


This week I was working with Adriana on the Main Menu design, implementing credits, and finalizing the boss level.

Towards the end of the week, I also began work on the first half of the boss rhythm game. 58 more words