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Green Fairy Cometh: pg 22

Meanwhile, Amy and Gelding show up at the Fairlands Palace to rescue Fort but the Sprite guarding the door is being very difficult.

I love the Sprites and I love drawing them.

Profane Comics

PSRC – Screenshot July/2,3,4

Tileset bonanza

Lot of figuring out was done in the past weeks. Mostly research and foresight against future bottlenecks, since it would suck to create hundreds of sprites and then find out a tiny detail I missed rendered them useless in the end, so I took the extra time to prep against that. 453 more words

Starbolts #277: Aquan Vacation


This week’s comic introduces Shrall and Tayalla for the first time here at RT Gomer. Shrall is M’anta and Aquita’s brother. In fact, M’anta and Shrall are twins. 128 more words


DDR 2nd ReMix Backgrounds

Here are the backgrounds for Dance Dance Revolution 2nd ReMix. Ripped by me, Enjoy!



I ejaculated my brain out of my fucking eyeballs


Taking Notes

The Storyteller has so many tales of adventure, of fair maidens and ferocious dragons, of gentle knights, and carefree sprites, however will his apprentice remember them all.

Fairy Garden Party

I had tons of fun with this fairy garden party. Each little sprite is hand made from polymer clay. They have an ice bucket for cold drinks and a fire pit to frolic around.  13 more words

Fairy Garden