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Eden - Creatures

‘Creatures’ is a ubiquitous term for any kind of living actor in Eden, I don’t mean to imply that everything is a creature or monster. Eden brings to life a wide variety of different animals, humanoids, monsters and critters. 379 more words

Game Development

Matt Groening Teams Up with Netflix

Matt Groening is heading back to Television via Netflix.

The streaming service has announced that it will be developing a medieval animated adult fantasy called… 251 more words



Just some dragonfly sprites. The second sprite sheet has a slight “glow” to them. These are free to use in any thing, as long as you mention Strange Dragon somewhere in the credits! Enjoy!

RPG Maker MV Resources

Smallest spacecraft ever launched make it to low-earth orbit

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Working prototype versions of the smallest spacecraft ever conceived made it to orbit last month, hitching a ride aboard the Max Valier and Venta satellites operated by OHB System and launched into orbit by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). 201 more words



One of the oldest forms of digital art and a forerunner to today’s digital arts and animation are sprites. Existing solely as 2D pixelated images, sprites are used to represent characters, objects, and the environment. 187 more words


Morning Fog

Morning Fog

Sprites, beneath that hum,
their violent wings,
dart through the thickets

freeing the fog
from thorns,
the sharp brambles,

mending tears
with strings of honey… 13 more words


Mini Update

I have my first dozen people who are interested in what I have to say about things! Hi dozen people!! 324 more words