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Quahog's Not So Silent Night Is LIVE!!

Ho Ho Ho Ho Hoooooooooooold Up a minute here??!! What’s all this??!! I think I fell into an NES or other Game System. ;)

TinyCo has dropped the Christmas Event into our silly lil games and it is stuffed full of all sorts of goodies to corrupt our Holiday… of course. 1,321 more words

Game Play


I had to make that childish joke in the title.

So, Manga Maker ComiPo!

This is one of those programs that could be so much more than it is. 289 more words


Mythological Beasts and Spirits: Sprite

Sprites are spirits or fairies of various sorts. They are often identified with certain geographies or habitats such as water and forests. In my mind, it is hard to separate them cleanly from such beings as naiads, dryads, and nymphs. 255 more words


Working on Yuki's Sprites!

Right now, I tried to work on Yuki’s sprite and here’s what I came up:

Yuki – A very shy boy who easily blushes at the smallest things. 103 more words

My Adventures In Creating VNs

PPJ Week 9 - Julie McCloskey

Group Meetings – 4~hrs

Character Software Testing – 7~hrs

Character Sprites – 8~hrs

Positives: Finally finished a sprite sheet! 50% of a character done! Now I just need to doing the pushing boulder sheet and the barbarian is ready! 78 more words

Mythological writing creatures, grammar gremlins, punctuation pixies and spelling sprites

As a writer it’s so important to edit work carefully, to check, and double-check, and check again; read the work out loud, get someone else to read it and then read it to you, and use the spell-check, but use it carefully – it doesn’t always correct spellings as might be intended. 403 more words


Bugs? Or something...

I made these this morning. Hey, I was bored. I thought they looked kind of like beetles or something… So let’s just say that’s what they are. 21 more words

RPG Maker MV Resources