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Delayed again 18


Another month has passed, and the game still isn’t out. It’s because I worked on the first game project in school, and we actually finished it in two weeks! 158 more words

This Muffin

This Muffin

This muffin,
laced with lines of sugar
as sweet as a child’s smile,
if forsaken in the pit
of a sleeping elm’s shade, 41 more words


Faeries: The long winter - Part 3

I thought I’d give this another stab.  I use it as practice really and to explore things in my head that I can’t quite get out… 690 more words

Short Story

Train Disassembly & Particle Systems

Greetings all ye’ faithful readers.

This week was a smaller workload, I finished designing the lightbulb sprite for the rhythm game, I began disassembly of the train sprite for keyframing in-engine, and I also began playing around with creating a new particle system to accompany the train hitting obstacles within the rhythm game. 62 more words

NASA video: A Display of Lights Above the Storm

Check out this cool video by NASA explaining Transient Luminous Events or basically flashes and glows called blue jets, red sprites and other TLEs that appear above storms. 85 more words

Friday Fotos

Boatload of Sprites for Alpha Milestone

Greeting all,

So over the past week, I have been pumping out a lot of assets in preparation for today’s Alpha Milestone deadline. Our goal was to polish the first level as far as we could get it by Alpha, to try and show our chops. 398 more words


I promise. This is the weekend’s final post. Besides, I have some reading to do.


moonlight is enough
to whiten the page
and darken… 37 more words