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Enemies Update!

Hi folks,

let’s face video games are a love declaration to foes and enemies! Game designers, writers and artists puts all their effort to build charming and deadly nemesis for player, and so do we for our Wizards’ Duel! 391 more words

Concept Art

Should I Make Pixel Art?

Very early monday morning I randomly woke up after about four hours sleep & I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I can’t remember what I dreamt about but it made me think about the disparity between all the things I want to create (games, art, comics/manga, stories, etc) & my current creative abilities. 602 more words

Space Events

Space Weather –¬†Sprites And Trolls At The Edge Of Space

We all know what comes out of the bottom of thunderclouds: lightning. But rarely do we see what comes out of the top. 84 more words


Starbolts #280: The Fantastic Voyage

Got a little bit of a mini story arc starting this week. It’s a homage to the Fantastic Four! I have four characters going into the deep sea of Aquarius. 25 more words




Counting on fingers,

Haiku of faerie clingers…

Mysteries of rings!

Born light and breezy,

Imagined flights are easy…

Your mind’s fantasy! 15 more words

By Jonathan Caswell