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Voxels in Games and Art

Ever since the explosion of Minecraft on the gaming community I feel as though the term ‘voxel’ has become a hot topic. It’s easy to think this is a new concept or terminology but it isn’t. 1,796 more words

Game Development

Spritesheets, Padding, Sampling & Packing

Oh my there’s a lot going on in that title, I should probably break it down!

When considering 2D game development, almost everyone knows (or will soon learn) that when developing a 2D game, you are dealing with sprites (small little 2D images). 1,500 more words

Game Development

Is it just me? Pixel art vs. modern graphics

Given that I run a retro gaming blog, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that I like old games. Occasionally, I try to work out exactly what is that I find so appealing about them that I’d rather play a 30 year old game than a more modern one. 706 more words


More Sprites

Finished a few more sprites today.

~ gryphonCode

More Art, More sprites, and an updated Demo

“Like a crab, we’ll side step our way there eventually!” ~Templar~

Hi there! Sorry it took so long to write this update, but we have been hard at work here in our little pond on “Monster Girl Bust”, and I must say that it is coming along quite nicely. 313 more words


Run Length Encoding - RLË Resources

EV Nova encodes all of its sprites in the RLË format. Specifically split between rlë8 and rlëD in the Nova engine. The 8 and D… 116 more words