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I Call Sprout!...

The Letter S


I can’t believe my luck. I wrote the below post in 2011.

So simple.

Today, you get a BIP ~ Best In Post! 159 more words



today’s painting!

8″x8″    i love squares!

i’ve been thinking about yoga lately, and trying to do some stretching…

Just a heart (a haibun)

I honor the Force who/that sowed the seed who became me. In degrees though often unaware, I grew a heart.

from rumblings a sprout answers to a name… 76 more words


How To Grow A Garden From Your Leftovers

It is a satisfying intellectual challenge to see how many ways you can find to use your food leftovers in a productive way, rather than throwing them in the trash. 450 more words


I am the black sheep of the family. It’s really a toss-up between me and one of my brothers, who keeps himself in exile from the family most of the time. 960 more words


Skye High!

 Happy End of the Week Everyone! It appears you survived another one.

We were Skye High here last week. We celebrated Skylar’s 5th birthday week. Yes, our littlest girl is getting older. 519 more words



Spring has arrived to the long snow-covered Rochester!  Yesterday my boyfriend, A, pointed out a green sprout (a chive) growing through a leaf that was on top of the soil.   174 more words