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Jason Alexander To Lead Voice Cast For 'Kody Kapow' As Sprout Greenlights 2 New Series

Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander is keeping busy these days. In addition to his new series Hit the Road for Audience Network, he has been tapped to lead the voice cast for Sprout’s new animated series… 344 more words

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The Seed

It’s not always easy to endure, but may today be different. May the seeds of goodness root themselves in your souls. For without seeds the earth is barren land. 174 more words


What We Learned

The first day of school, and the last. Of course I took pictures, it is what I do, I record memories and save them. Print them, frame them, turn them into books to flip through. 721 more words


Hot and First-y

Lots of firsts today in central New England. Many towns hit 90°F for the first time in 2017 today. Not coincidentally today is the first time I had to turn the sprinkler on the Food It Yourself Garden. 297 more words


Here We Are

I wasn’t planning on writing this post anytime soon. I have a couple I’ve been working on, writing and saving as I come up with ideas. 506 more words



My little plants sprouted! They are so cute! My day had consisted of me being exhausted. I did some some studying but almost fell asleep a few times whilst at the library so I came home and took an hour nap. 54 more words



My little sprout came into my life.

She’s growing.


Growing into a new “pup.”