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How to germinate lemon seeds successfully

Having a citrus tree can be very rewarding if you want to have a nice refreshing drink in summer or to spruce up your cooking. Growing lemon trees can be easily done, even here in Wales, UK. 214 more words

How to Sprout or Grow Fodder

What is Sprouting & Fodder?

Sprouting is the process of taking seeds through the germination process by first soaking the seed in water for about 2-12 hours, then draining water from the seed into trays, the grain/seeds are then rinsed morning and evening for 5 days. 139 more words


Arguing with nature

Have you heard anywhere

a sprout arguing with nature for not letting it blossom


complaining about bad weather ?

Nope, Absolutely not.

It is us, human being… 10 more words


So Sesame at Sprout Hainan

So Sesame | Hainanese noodle in sesame sauce with hand-pulled chicken, toasted sesame and roasted nuts

This dish is called So Sesame in their menu. It uses an extra rich sesame sauce and is topped with hand-pulled chicken and toasted sesame. 105 more words


Pregnancy Apps for iphone

A good way to keep track of your pregnancy is to use a pregnancy app (if you have a smartphone of course!) I use a rather ancient iPhone 5c and these apps have worked pretty well and suited my pregnancy needs. 408 more words


She Sews: Sprout's Big Girl Backpack

I looked for a small toddler/preschooler backpack a few months ago, but was disappointed at the selection in stores. Everything had cartoon characters plastered all over the front — not really our style. 405 more words


Multigrain Flour Tortillas- Mom's style

Multigrain  Flour Tortillas by Rosita

We are exited to share my mom’s recipe! It has few ingredients and it is easy to make.This recipe uses wheat sprout, it will not change the tortilla’s delicious taste, but it will add all its nutrients instead . 469 more words