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Kale Pesto coated Zoodles with stuffed tomatoes

Home makin noodles, the easy way. Dinner tonight is this spiralized zucchini noodles with all the leftovers out of my fridge ;) Light and healthy dinner packed with full of flavours. 133 more words


Butternut lentil soup

Fast-cook dry beans

I keep a jar of fast-cook dry beans handy for impromptu meals.  “Fast-cook” dry beans, like lentils, mung, green split peas, black-eyed peas, are a great start to the day, nutritionally speaking, and they are perfect for the spur of the moment because they do not require a long period of soaking.   356 more words


Sprouting snow peas!!!

I’m so excited to say that after only 3 days I think my snow pea seeds are re sprouting already!!! How cool is that?!

ive never tried to grow them before but I’ve heard here easy to grow from fresh seeds. 102 more words



Good Morning!

This is probably going to sound weird… but every morning the first thing I do (even before I get coffee) is check the garden. 306 more words

Cherry Tomato

Strawberry Fields

Give or take, 6 years ago I met Yans* and we started an interesting romantic relationship that has lots of trouble flourishing because we were in different places in our lives. 525 more words


Breakfast Salad from Elk Expresso

Brunch is a meal in between breakfast & lunch, a breakfast salad is a combination of breakfast & lunch ;) a mix of greens consisting of brocolli, baby spinach, kale & sprouts with roast pumpkin & hazelnuts topped with 2 poached eggs. 20 more words

Eat Out

Quick and delicious broccoli sprout smoothie

Yesterday I had to use up some broccoli sprouts, so I decided to make a quick brococoli-sprout smoothie. It turned out delicious. Before that I spoke to a friend who said that recent studies have shown that broccoli sprouts can aid in detoxing the body and are filled with nutrition. 134 more words