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Daffodils and sprouts

A lovely sunny day at the allotment this morning – though the wind was still very chilly. The daffodils are coming on, though they’re not quite in flower as yet – too exposed even in this sunshine. 273 more words



“Seeds are among the most fascinating things on earth. When seeds sprout, reserves of nutrients and energy are released. Free from any additives, sprouts make the most natural, enjoyable and healthy instant food.”

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Bean Sprouts

Sprouting Part Two

Slowly but surely, I’m building up my skills… In 2014, I began sprouting seeds to get some fresh greens in winter. They are lovely things, and I’ve since invested in a sprouting tray, a set of four trays, actually, where I can grow quite a bunch of tender sprouts in a week. 436 more words


Moong Paneer Curry – Mung Bean with Indian Cottage Cheese

Green moong (Mung Bean) is a super food that is packed with nutrients and is a rich source of fiber. It is a powerful source of vegetarian protein and becomes even more nutritious in sprouted form. 349 more words


More rain

We had some more rain on Sunday. I had plenty of advance notice so I got to do a few chores best done pre-rain.

I distributed another batch of seeds around in places I’d like some more bloomers. 262 more words

Grilled Salmon

Ok…if you like salmon…you’re going to love this recipe!  Yes, it’s grilled, but it’s not done outside.  We have a charcoal grill, but after Josh gets home from a long day at work, cooking is definitely the last thing he wants to do.  422 more words