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Spring Has Finally Sprung

Thankfully things have started to warm up a bit and spring has sprung in the garden

Photo by neilirving on Flickr

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Der Sprung vom Abgrund

Sie standen Abgrund, die Wikingerhorden nahten. Sollten sie springen? Aiden dachte bei sich, immerhin hatte er ein Windspiel dabei, was sollte also schiefgehen.

Bleistiftzeichnung – 01 05 2016 – Lupo und Aiden – 26×18 cm – 120 € 49 more words



you know, being the one good thing

is all well and fine but I’m not always

a good thing. sometimes I am a bad thing… 66 more words


In life’s journey
Sad is the tale of many;
While others are at bliss
But to say the least,

Some have fallen in love… 96 more words


First Look Photo: Spring Is Budding

Tree buds are a great sign that Spring has sprung.

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Categories and tags are very useful tools, they help organize your site even more, beyond the point of breaking the site up into sub pages. This is why I will use them to make sure navigating my site, making sure that people choose my site over other sites, like Jeffery’s. 110 more words


Spring sprung briefly today!

A glorious day, blue sky, strong shadows, bright daffodils:

….and another cheeky squirrel, munching away:

Tomorrow, chill winds and snow…