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Springs sprung youth...🌸

Photo credit Lisa Ralph, Cheney Wa. My in-laws property. Upon arrival my mother-in-law outside in her sun bonnet tending to Springs sprung youth. Found myself breathless at all beauty she tends to daily. 307 more words

Spiritual Growth

The Trap That Was Set For The Deep State Is About To Be Sprung – Episode 1253

From X22 Report

Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas warns Trump that the system cannot continue with this debt load. Trump promises to make the government more efficient. 209 more words


Spring has SPRUNG

Supppp!? Did ya miss me? Probs not but here I am .. Lol it’s been a minute since my last post but as I am sure you are aware Spring has officially… 564 more words

Ground Rules

Working on pleasure… I’ve actually been working on pleasure, ha. That juxtaposition of ideas makes me chuckle. But really.

Recognizing the stuff that brings me joy and then actively seeking out that stuff so its not hard work to be as happy as I want to be…

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Spring has Sprung

In four days it will be Spring. The best or my personal favourite season at least. A lot of people love Fall because of the fashion options they get, or Summer because, well it’s Summer. 259 more words


Spring has sprung

So, the weather is warming and the blossom is blooming… that means only one thing… summer is on it’s way and I couldn’t be happier! My favourite time of year is upon us, al fresco dining, pretty flowers, blue skies and sunshine. 28 more words


You have been saving the world
for so long that no one can find
you anymore.  No one knows where
you are or how to get from there
to here, how or who to search for
in the dark of darks, what strip
to lay waste to, what waist to
circle with arm or belt, saying
‘come along, come along’ as
if everything will be all right
at the end of the hall, when 
the therapy is done, when you
go back home to bounce back
but no one says anything about
bouncing back and forth, do they? 170 more words