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The simps need songs to jam to on those lonely nights when their girls is out with another man behind their back. If you find yourself listening to these records because you are having girl problems, you slackin in your mackin. 414 more words


Let's Get To "Sprung" Territory, Already

So far this spring it’s been cold and kind of depressing around Columbus, weather-wise.  Those of us who would like to announce that “spring has sprung” have had to hold our fire for a ridiculously long time.   55 more words


T-Pain - I'm Sprung

“I’m Sprung”

I’m Sprung…(I’m sprung)
Dawg She Got Me…
Got me doin things I’ll never do If u ain’t been I’m tellin you
I’m Sprung…(I’m Sprung) 419 more words

Spring Garden Fashion

The oyster look!

The artichoke dress!

Hoo la la! The broccoli evening ensemble !

The Italian bread look!


Thank you I hope you have enjoyed my show!


Sunday snuggles #1

If there was one thing I had to say about this week it would be; spring has sprung! Whether the sun was shining or not, going oustide was a pleasure. 258 more words

Anne De Leeuw

Bees, Flowers, Rainbows, and SUN!

Written by: Marie Clark

Just a few weeks ago, on a great sunny Friday afternoon, I noticed a bunch of friends in the tree near Bailey hanging some hammocks, standing up in the tree and jamming to some great music with a friend’s loud speaker. 598 more words