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What is Physical Therapy School NOT Teaching You?

So before dive into this blog post, this is not to bash any Physical Therapy (PT) schools or PT schools in general. This is just where we are at currently with our profession and our education system. 1,645 more words

Then There Was a Conference and Midterms

We are 1.5 months away from officially being SPT II’s. This is the last stretch of year one, the final sprint, the push to the finish, then we can breathe. 418 more words


Growing as a New Grad PT from Social Media/Technology

I am just over 10 months out as a new grad physical therapist and I’ve learned a lot outside the normal avenues that we are taught in PT school (textbooks, articles, classroom). 958 more words

Pelaporan SPT (Reksa Dana dan Saham)

Ayoo ayoo lapor SPT !! Sebagai warga negara Indonesia yang baik, kita sebagai wajib pajak pribadi harus laporan nih setiap tahunnya. Kita harus melaporkan Surat Pemberitahuan Tahunan (SPT) 325 more words

Financial Planning


Here we go! This is my collaboration with Nastasia Beausejour. We wrote the song together and made the clip.

We actually wrote the song in five minutes. 55 more words

Mengurus Sendiri SPT 2016

Biasanya sih urusan begini kantor yang handle, tapi kali ini karena ada keperluan penting, saya butuh cepat, sedangkan kalau tunggu kantor yang mengurus, bisa bulan Februari atau Maret. 283 more words