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Real estate equity funds on top when looking at 15-year returns

The past decade and a half seem to have been quite unkind to most Canadian equity fund investors, and even worse to those invested elsewhere. In fact, performance figures for the 15-year period through December 2015 show fixed-income funds fared almost as well and in many cases better than their stock-driven kin. 1,035 more words

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Why Canadian stocks are down, but not out

It has been a miserable start to the year for equity markets in Canada, but a steep rally is in the cards for the country’s benchmark index, predicts Brian Belski, chief investment strategist at BMO Capital Markets Corp. 178 more words

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Investors should expect looming earnings period to be volatile

Estimates for fourth-quarter earnings per share for S&P/TSX Composite Index stocks have been slashed by five per cent in the past three months, with the resource sectors seeing the most revisions. 211 more words

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Gary Lamphier: Market meltdown leaves investors reeling

What a train wreck.

For battle-scarred investors, this will be remembered as the most gruesome opening week of a new year since Popeye debuted and the first telephone appeared in the White House. 993 more words

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Gary Lamphier: Edmonton-area stocks took a shellacking in 2015

Stocks in the Edmonton region suffered their heftiest losses since 2008 last year, as plunging crude oil prices and a double-digit decline in Canada’s main equity benchmark reverberated across a wide swath of local companies. 816 more words

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Why Benj Gallander loves 'ugly duckling' stocks

Benj Gallander’s investment approach isn’t for widows, orphans or the ‘hot money’ crowd.

Many of his stock picks are ugly ducklings — obscure, sometimes thinly traded stocks have lagged the stock market for years. 506 more words

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U.S. Fed’s rate hike sends North American stocks higher

TORONTO — The TSX shot up by more than 200 points for the second straight day as investors in search of a deal jumped back into the market after last week’s slump and the U.S. 155 more words

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