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I do not want you –
But I still want you –
To want me rather than him



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion. 180 more words



Undrafted in love –
I strive to prove wrong –
Those who took a pass on me



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion. 281 more words


The Tale Of Miss Spider (Rough Draft, but I dig it.)

“Sit at my side,” said Miss Spider to the fly.
“You may watch me weave this web of mine.”
He first hesitated, but then took a seat… 248 more words


Seasons in her life

I have been waiting so long
for you
(The man in my life yearns not for me).
And you came
with winsome charms and soft kisses; 143 more words

Flagrant Soul

A flagrant soul, spurned at every turn
misapprehend by all, it makes her soul burn
a lone wolf, a ghost in the night
deep and mysterious, she gives people a fright… 160 more words


And Then I Cried

You gave me a moment,

lingerie, breasts shining through,

and I an idiot,

even while my need certainly grew.

I left you with a hug, 104 more words


Show Me

The wonderfully talented & supportive TwinDaddy responded to my post this morning with “Thank you sir, may I have another?” – and as I often aim to please, I rattled this quick one off for you all. 196 more words