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The Ipcress File (1965)

In 1965 Michael Caine starred in The Ipcress File, his first starring role, and the first of three films featuring British spy Harry Palmer. Palmer is a relatively lowly field operative who spends much of his time engaged in routine surveillance work for the department of Colonel Ross (Guy Doleman)  Read more …

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Three Days of the Condor

Is there film that captures the essence of “our government is doing things we don’t know
about” in a real world, tangible way like Three Days of the Condor… 414 more words

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North By Northwest (1959) - The Mistaken Identity-


DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock

The story seems like a re run watching it in the 21st century and I can imagine this film pressed all the right buttons for audiences in 1959. 670 more words


Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation (2015) - The Action Star Spy Film


DIRECTOR: Christopher McQuarrie

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation delivers what it needs to deliver to its audience – Thrilling Action Spectacle.

Tom Cruise has played Ethan Hunt since 1996 and here he finds himself in this 2015 film right at home. 424 more words


No Way Out (1987) "Who Can You Trust?"- The Mystery/ Suspense Spy Film


DIRECTOR: Roger Donaldson

Thirty years ago Kevin Costner was an up and coming actor who had just recently got off the set of De Palma’s “The Untouchables”  where he was Elliot Ness. 325 more words


The 39 Steps (1935)

For me, The 39 Steps is the quintessential Hitchcock film. Other films may have weightier themes or a more complex subtext, but The 39 Steps boils the Hitchcock thriller down to its essential elements – a shocking murder, an innocent man on the run, a beautiful blonde and a MacGuffin so irrelevant that few people can remember what it was all about. Read more …

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