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The McCarthy-Statham-Law combination worked well with this B-type James Bond spy kind of movie. An action-thriller that delivers both intelligent and shallow humor and creating a thin line in between genres. 44 more words

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Salt (2010)

It is said that films are easy to understand and hard to explain but the concept of genre can help make sense of what we see. 401 more words

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10 Word Review - Spectre

Stodgy. Slow. Snapshots. Picturesque. Chases. Thin. Vapid. Cinematography. Locations. No.

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Five things that I learned during the "Year of the Spy"

Sometimes, when it’s very quiet and I close my eyes, I swear that I can hear the brazen, brassy tones of the James Bond theme song playing in the silence. 3,175 more words

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10 Word Review - American Ultra

Silly. Slow. Unrealized. Concept. Carnage. Misfire. Agents. Moments. Disappointing. No.

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Saving Captain Powers

Bridge of Spies (Steven Spielberg, 2015)

Actually, that’s not fair, there’s a scene where the train crosses a bridge in New York or Brooklyn that is clearly meant to mirror a sequence when Hanks is leaving East Berlin by train. 796 more words

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