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Bridge of Spies

This last year and a bit has been a strangely prolific time for the movie making business when it comes to spy movies. An unusual number of high profile projects have made it to the screens, most of which have got some connection to the 1960’s. 923 more words



Lethal, cold, smart, and totally gripping, Sydney Pollack’s classic spy film Three Days of the Condor is a top-class genre entry, benefitting from its post-Watergate, paranoia induced atmosphere, with a charismatic star turn by Robert Redford as CIA codebreaker Joe Turner, an unassuming worker-bee who comes to the office one morning and finds all of his co-workers executed. 222 more words

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Movie Review - Bridge of Spies

(Took a day off with hubby and we went movie watching! In order of awesomeness – Bridge of Spies, Crimson Peak, The Last Witch Hunter. Only have time to review one though, so picking the best of the three.) :) 711 more words

Gloria Oliver

Everything You'll Ever Want to Know About James Bond (Infographic)

The Deadliest Bond Films
The Spy Who Loved Me
Making Sense of All the Chaos

You Only Live… Seven Times!
>Daniel Craig
>Pierce Brosnan
>Timothy Dalton… 43 more words


The Man From U.N.C.L.E., 2015

I wasn’t going to write about The Man From U.N.C.L.E. here, because I felt a little embarrassed at my enthusiasm (my letterboxd review is nothing if not enthusiastic). 716 more words

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Don't Cry UNCLE

The original series “The Man From UNCLE” was supposed to be TV’s answer to James Bond. It did boast some formidable guest stars, including Boris Karloff, Raymond Massey, Steve McQueen, Yvonne de Carlo, and John Carradine, and featured scripts by writers like Robert Towne and Harlan Ellison. 618 more words

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Mission Impossible review

Brian De Palma directs the OG Mission Impossible off the existing TV show of the same name, centred on veteran spy and skilled agent Ethan Hunt as a mission goes awry and he sets out to expose a mole among the organization he works for, with himself being a suspect. 451 more words