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Mission Impossible II (Review)

Tom Cruise Nails Being A Action Hero!

The Mission Impossible franchise is one of the best in making enjoyable action pact movies. Every movie has an unique style because each director brings a different style to each movie. 634 more words

Tom Cruise

Spy (2015) -- Wanting to Fuck Someone Does Not Mean that they are Good at their Job

People have been making spy film parodies for almost as long as they have been making spy films. As early as 1951, Paramount cast Bob Hope in… 3,266 more words


10 Word Review - Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Violent. Ridiculous. Outlandish. Fun. Silly. Action. Bloody. Effects. Stylish. Yes.

In My Opinion

2015, year of the spy

There’s something about 2015… it’s a big year for franchises as I touched in a post a bit earlier in the year but also a year for spies in a big way, with some notable new entries to the spy genre and a new Bond film of course. 251 more words


Bourne Identity, The Book versus The Movie

Note: This is an article that I wrote a few years ago, I found it on my laptop while deleting old junk files. Hope you guys enjoy my comparison between the movie and the novel. 1,543 more words


Kingsman The secret service

What Kingsman brought back to the table was clich├ęd spy film with lots of action and the guy who everyone would put off with the first look save the day. 323 more words


FILM WEDNESDAY: Kingsman: The Secret Service


Okay, can I say that I absolutely LOVED that the villain has a lisp???? Because I absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just why is the film so great? 299 more words