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The Game confirmed for BBC 2 - Thu 30th April 9pm

Almost a full 18 months after filming in Birmingham completed the BBC have finally announced that 1970s spy drama The Game will start its six episode series, filled with espionage and intrigue, on… 398 more words


I Spy … An Intriguing NYSE Composite Chart

Perhaps the most fascinating chart right now is that of the NYSE Composite. It features two developments worth exploring:

  1. Island reversal
  2. Bearish wedge

The NYSE Composite… 369 more words

S&P 500

Review: The Black Stone (Agent of Rome 4)

The Black Stone (Agent of Rome 4) by Nick Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A crack squad of undercover Intelligence officials, on a desperate, life or death, race against time mission deep in enemy territory in the southern Arabian peninsula, against a backdrop of rising insurgency… 1,202 more words


Russian hackers exploit vulnerabilities in Flash, Windows, to spy on gov't officials

Researchers at the FireEye security company have issued a report stating that Russian hackers took advantage of vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash and Windows to conduct surveillance on military contractors, diplomats, and other targets. 290 more words


Seven Sinners (1936)

Carnival. Nice, France. Fireworks. Drinks, costumes and wild dancing. And in the middle of it all, the American John Harwood. Dressed as a devil and somewhat drunk, Harwood stumbles upon a dead man when accidentally entering the wrong hotel room. 250 more words

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Manners Maketh Man - 皇家特工: 间谍密令/金牌特务 Kingsman: The Secret Service

这几年来看到的特务电影都长一个样,就像是 007  James Bond 的感觉!


不务正业的 Eggsy 在偶然的机缘下见回小时候曾交代过他的一句话,那就是:遇到任何困难记得打去一个电话号码,说出口号就能得救。


他开始和 Harry Hart (父亲的同事)学习当好一个特务 Kingsman。此时,一位叫瓦伦丁(塞缪尔·杰克逊 Samuel L. Jackson 饰)的百万富翁正计划着自己所谓的正义诡计去维护、规划世界。接下来的纠结和困难就要大家自己去看看了!


  Manners Maketh Man — Harry    礼仪,成就不凡之人。



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Tutu Cute

This Christmas we were the sad victims of a package disappearing off our porch.

I’m a tech guy so I figured there has to be a simple solution. 104 more words