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Chapter Fourteen

“Well, this is a symphony of shit,” Sloane Lennox said calmly.

Thatcher had already sweat through his undershirt and dress shirt. He hoped to God it wouldn’t start to show through his suit jacket. 2,985 more words

Admiral by Sean Danker

Four people, strangers, are roused from their sleeper units for some unknown reason. They are not the ship they thought they would be on. The crew of the ship is nowhere to be seen and the admiral didn’t even know he was an admiral. 548 more words

Book Review

The Spy Who Came In From the Cold (1965)

With a screenplay by Paul Dehn and Guy Trosper from the groundbreaking realist espionage novel of 1963 by the man known as John Le Carre, this is just as complex – in terms of narrative and morals – as the source material. 153 more words


The children of my grief are dead

Call for the Dead – John le Carré (1961)

Spy things are exciting and groovy and we all agree. This probably isn’t a controversial opinion but I would like to add the spicy separation of “Spies” and “James Bond”, who ranks in my mind among the very dullest characters to fictionally live. 628 more words


The Abraham Institute, Excerpt 3

In case you missed it, two weeks ago I posted the first few pages of my YA spy novel, The Abraham InstituteLucy Carranza is a teenage girl who wants nothing more than to go to high school with her friends in NYC. 2,586 more words


Xerox: Emotional ABCs

Xerox: Emotional ABCs

Place original
face down for contact transfer
clones made while you wait

printing process for copies
no liquids needed

Take a sheet of paper, parts of it that… 118 more words


The Indices Monday, 4/25/2016 thru Friday 4/29/2016

Below I am offering percentage basis comparison charts of the  Indices, going back to the first correction in August of 2015 …

Some would argue, that we are in a… 460 more words

US Stock Market