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Masuda Takahisa's Fashion #1.1

There’s an update to what Massu was wearing on MSta the other night. From this Twitter user, I’ve found out that it’s a SPYAIR collaboration with PARADOX. 69 more words



Haikyuu! OST

Singer: SPYAIR
Composition: UZ

*romaji, kanji, English translation

yureru kagerou suberi dasu ase
揺れる陽炎 すべり出す汗 485 more words


Christmas in Japan

Christmas is obviously on one day, but my Christmas basically went from December 22 until Christmas day, December 25. The winter holiday at Rikkyo actually started from December 22, which is a little earlier than some universities because it is a Christian school. 704 more words


SPYAIR: Beautiful Days with My Friend



Tōmawari shita-bun dake wakari aeru jikan mo attakara.
Bokura wa machigatte inai ima wa sō omou.
‘Ashita mata.’ Sorezore no michi o aruite mo hanarenai my friend. 383 more words


Album Spotlight: SPYAIR - [4]

Here is something different from the usual manga first impressions, an album spotlight! What I plan on doing with this series of blogs is to just share whats new and hot in the realm of Japanese music, as well as share some of my personal favorite artists and albums. 445 more words

Album Spotlight

Haikyu!! Second Season - I'm A Believer Lyrics

Song / 曲: Imagination / イマジネーション
Artist / 歌手: SPYAIR
Anime / アニメ: Haikyu!! Second Season / ハイキュー!! セカンドシーズン
Description: Opening Song

息を切らしながら 走り続けて / iki wo kirashi nagara hashiri tsuzukete… 622 more words

Japanese To English

Music By Request: Spyair

Spyair (stylized as SPYAIR) is a Japanese rock band from Nagoya, formed in 2005. The band members are Ike (vocals), UZ (guitar/programming), Momiken (bass) and Kenta (drums).

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