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Retro Game Friday: Spyro the Dragon

This week on Retro Game Friday I’m covering the game that was the start of one of the most successful series of all time. It’s Spyro the Dragon! 386 more words


Ancient Awesomeness - Spyro the Dragon Trilogy – A Timeless Gem

On our last installment of Ancient Awesomeness, we took a look back at the underrated PS2 game Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. Whereas I stand by this game’s hidden gems, I think it’s time for us to take a look back at a game that’s not only older; but is also widely accepted as one of the greatest trilogies of its time –the ORIGINAL… 1,900 more words

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On Spyro the Dragon

For Christmas last year, my parents bought my partner and me a brand-new television. Not having cable (mainly for lack of desire to pay), I had to find a logical, rational use for this new item. 695 more words


Tales From The Game Grid #15

The images of Spyro, Pop Fizz, and Hot Dog are copyright Activision, Mario is copyright Nintendo, and Spiderman is copyright Marvel, so please support the official release. 82 more words

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Spyro The Dragon 2 Review (PlayStation 1)

GameFAQS, Spyro 2:Ripto’s Rage, Title Screen, MrQuiet3


Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Universal Interactive Studios/ Sony Computer Entertainment

(This review is based on the PS Vita version, and is available for the PS1, 2, 3, PSP, on PSN) 752 more words

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Spyro the Dragon

Picture the scene. I, Spyro the Dragon, had just finished collecting sixty thousand gems, sixty dragons and five eggs and by doing so had earned the right to attack Gnasty Gnorc. 467 more words


Importance of Video Games (The 1st Installment)

Hey y’all awesome people! In this riveting entry, I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart: video games! Yeah yeah, there is going to be lots of Pokemon involved, as well as other games that have influenced my life, which include (but not limited to) Rockband, Guitar Hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Dead or Alive, and Mass Effect. 639 more words