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First‑of‑its‑kind spyware sneaks into Google Play

ESET analysis breaks down the first known spyware that is built on the AhMyth open-source espionage tool and has appeared on Google Play – twice. 1,050 more words

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Before you click it

How to check to see if a link is safe before you click it…

Do you know that if you click on a dangerous link from someone you don’t know or even if you do know them, you could be at risk of malware, ransomware, spyware or other nasty online security issues. 94 more words


You Won't Look At Your Smartphone The Same Way Ever Again.

Here’s an example of what services exist for anyone to spy on you or practically anyone and just as a disclaimer I am not promoting these services as they exist to make people more aware of potential security risks related to using cellphones or other wireless devices. 21 more words


Ditch Windows, Go Open Source

Note: If you’re just here for Linux install instructions and some cool things to do in Linux, scroll way down to the Installing section of this article. 6,282 more words


EvilGnome Is A Linux Spyware That Records Audio And Steals Your Files

Malware is a common thing in the Windows and Android world, but Linux malware is rare owing to the core architecture of Linux. However, researchers from Intezer Labs have discovered a new strain of Linux malware dubbed EvilGnome, which exhibits rare functionalities. 17 more words


NSO spyware ‘targets Big Tech cloud services’

The Israeli company whose spyware hacked WhatsApp has told buyers its technology can surreptitiously scrape all of an individual’s data from the servers of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, according to people familiar with its sales pitch. 23 more words


The Spyware Threat

Spyware and adware programs have become constant threats to computer users. Spyware as well as adware programs work their way into computers and can become a hassle and may even do damage in a variety of ways. 588 more words