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Dangerous Android Apps and What to Use Instead

Any Android device is only as safe as its user is smart.

Fortress of Solitude: The Most Dangerous Android Apps and What to Use Instead.


Record Cell Phone Calls: Android App "BlurSPY"

Melissa is a Digital parenting coach. She loves to guide non-tech savvy parents to use the latest technology to channelize their teens and children. Mostly she covers phone spy app reviews and some digital mom’s related stuff about the dangers our children face every day on the internet!

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Philosophy Of Jos

Emails To Avoid

Some emails are like folks knocking to ask for water or use the bathroom. Once inside, they will assault, rape, rob or kill.

Would you let strangers in, just like that? 15 more words


78% of Health Websites Violate Visitors' Privacy

Dr. Joseph Mercola provides another article detailing how Google and some health related websites violate people’s privacy by placing tracking cookies (a.k.a. spyware) on a visitor’s browser to track and record searches and purchasing choices. 60 more words


Sextortionists return for Christmas - price goes down, threats go up

A week ago, a concerned Naked Security reader shared with us a “send us money or else” email that was a bit different from others he’d received in the past. 666 more words


CNET: Popular messaging app ToTok reportedly an Emirati spy tool

CNET: Popular messaging app ToTok reportedly an Emirati spy tool. “A popular messaging app billed as a secure way to chat with friends and family is actually a spying tool used by the United Arab Emirates to track the activities of those who download it, The New York Times reported Sunday. 26 more words

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