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Day 42: Sample Test Cases – Part 3

I believe you have referred to Part 1 and Part 2 of Sample Test Case series posted earlier. 

Database Test Scenarios

1. Check if correct data is getting saved in database upon successful page submit… 1,193 more words


Day 41: Sample Test Cases – Part 2

Beginning Note:

Make testing checklist as an integral part of test cases writing process. Using this checklist you can easily create hundreds of test cases for testing web or desktop applications. 862 more words

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Day 39: Various Types of Testing

Earlier we had understood difference between Performance testing, Stress testing and Load testing. Today  let’s understand different type of testing (kind of super-set of all testing types) 695 more words

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Day 34: Four Stages of a Start-up

All the start-ups, regardless to the domain they work in and/or the seed funding they have received, pass from these four stages.

1. Storming,

2. Norming, 7 more words

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Day 32: WinRunner Interview Questions – Part 2

In the first part, we saw basic WinRunner Questions.

Screening questions:Interviewer can Reject the candidate if he /she is not able to answer 2 questions out of following 4 questions: 404 more words

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Day 27: Configuring Zend Application for Doctrine2

Configure Application Bootstrap
Your Zend application’s bootstrap needs to be configured for Doctrine2. Open the application’s Bootstrap.php and add the following functions to the Bootstrap class: 317 more words

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Day 25: Installing Ubuntu Linux

Installing apache2, PHP, mysql

 $ sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server mysql-client php5-mysql

Installing mod_rewrite with Apache2

 $ sudo a2enmod rewrite

Install curl for PHP applications… 89 more words

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